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What are the preferential activities of 2018 Suning e-shop 818? Activity introduction of Suning e-sh

The activity of 2018 Suning e-shop 818 is about to start, which lasts from August 1 to August 18. There are a lot of preferential activities. Friends who want to shop have a look. Let's learn more about what activities are available in 2018 Suning e-shopping 818? If you want to buy home appliances or other things, you can have a look.

Activity time

The activity time of 2018 Suning e-shop 818 fever Shopping Festival is from August 1 to August 18, 2018.

Highlights of fever Shopping Festival

From July 25 to July 31, 2018, preheating was started, and the deposit doubled ten times. At zero on August 1, 2018, Suning officially launched the 818 fever Shopping Festival. There are four important nodes in the promotion of Suning 818 fever Shopping Festival: August 1 is the start of Suning 818 and the official opening of the whole activity cycle; August 8 is Suning's "national goods Festival"; August 15 is Suning's "home appliance robbery"; and August 18 is the outbreak of the whole station.

Main activities

It is reported that this year, Suning 818 will make efforts in all categories, such as mobile phones, home appliances, mother and baby, home decoration and building materials, or become the main battlefield of sales promotion. Suning said it will launch online games such as bounty lion, cash bonus and top buyer. Offline stores are also jointly renovated to launch various promotional activities. Suning e-shopping 818 fever Shopping Festival, Suning online and offline qifanli, 2018 Suning 818 fever Shopping Festival is quite interesting.

What's the offer

1. Lower purchase price

Deduct 300 yuan from 5000 yuan, 200 yuan from 1880 yuan, 50 yuan from 1500 yuan, 100 yuan from 799 yuan, 68 yuan from 500 yuan, 12 interest free coupons / 999 yuan coupons from scanning codes, 100 yuan Suning card from recharging change treasure, and 1 yuan from experience of Su say win vivo mobile phone.

2. Grabbing 818 yuan mobile phone coupons

Suning Yigou 818 fever Shopping Festival preheat to grab large amount of mobile phone coupons in advance: coupons of RMB 818 for over 6000, RMB 300 for over 2880, RMB 200 for over 1880, RMB 120 for over 1080, RMB 60 for over 580

3. 2018 Suning e-shop 818 fever shopping festival main activity preheating

The maximum amount of mobile phone is RMB 100 to 1300, refrigerator washing machine lottery to win RMB 818, computer office deposit to RMB 3000, kitchen and bathroom appliances 100 to RMB 1000, digital 10 to RMB 200, color TV 49 to RMB 2049, household appliances to save RMB 1000, home decoration materials deposit to RMB 818, mother and baby deposit to expand 20 times.