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What's the end of Wei Hai? How did Wei Hai die?

Recently, the story of the hunter is really getting more and more wonderful, and it is almost coming to an end. The first half of the play catch scorpions, and the latter part of the story is undercover. Although it has been spit out by netizens, the more the story behind it is, the more wonderful it is. So what is the final outcome of Wei Hai, the anti drug captain? Did Wei Hai finally die?

Lv Yunpeng is already in deep water. He wants to win the trust of Chu Tiannan in Truman and save the dream Yao's mother and daughter who are under house arrest by Wu Xinhe. Now, speaking of this dream, Yao can't help but to Tucao a few sentences. This man really goes out without thinking. His father and his uncle are all highly intelligent businessmen. How come the mutation of the gene comes to her? Is Li Mei and Wu Xinhe eating at the time? Li Mei suddenly mentioned that she wanted to go back to Mingshan, and she hurried to make a careless eye. She didn't see anything wrong at all. She would think it's wrong if the gun pointed at her head?

Now in the Golden Triangle anti drug chapter, a lot of big guys have emerged one after another. After Zhao Yi's death, many children's shoes express their regret. It can be said that Xu Honghao, the actor of Zhao Yi in this play, has been recognized by many audiences. Zhao Yi's death has also hit uncle Er very hard.

He is Wei Hai. He said that the vice captain of the anti drug brigade has built many miracles in Mingshan, not only in the police industry, but also in the underworld of Mingshan. All the underworld forces have to give him three points. Although he is not as popular as Zhao Yi and his second uncle in acting, he is still in line with the rules. With the development of the plot, LV Yun Peng broke into the undercover operation inside Chumen. Later, Lu Yunpeng's identity was doubted by Chumen, and Chu Tiannan had ordered to kill Lu Yunpeng. Jiang Yinan was going to expose himself in order to protect LV Yunpeng. At that critical moment, Weihai exposed his identity. In order to save Jiang Yinan, he was shot and killed. Then LV Yunpeng was forced to participate in the living burial by the drug dealer. In this way, Zhang Danfeng's Wei Hai died in glory.