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What are the two songs sung by Wang Lihong, the richest man in Xihong city? The highlight of Wang Le

The most anticipated comedy film of the summer festival, "the richest man in Xihong city" has been released recently. Shen Teng's appeal is not empty. The box office broke 200 million on the first day. However, many netizens said that the biggest highlight of the play is definitely Wang Leehom's concert, which satisfies all girls' fantasies.

It is reported that Leehom Wang guest starred in the film, the real color of Leehom Wang, but also brought two songs: "need someone to accompany", "can't miss you.".

It may be the wish of many ordinary people to become a billionaire and go to the top of life. In the movie "the richest man in Xihong city", a lot of legacy comes to Shen Teng's leading actor. As long as he passes the test, he can become a billionaire.

As a result, Shen Teng staged a fancy 'star chase', as the richest man in Xihong City, and directly let 'Idol' Wang Leehom come to his home and hold a special concert for his heart.

At the beginning of the picture, Leehom Wang plays and sings himself at the piano. As soon as Leehom Wang enters the stage, both the audience inside and outside the play call out to be "Shuai dizzy". As for Shen Teng, who became the richest man, even though his life was full of luxury, there was still no "she" around him. Wang Lihong's song "need to be accompanied" broke the "richest man" mind.

Under the blessing of "Idol", Shen Teng takes a step closer to "goddess" Song Yunhua's pursuit of love. Along with the gradual rhythm of the song, the feelings of Shen Teng and song Yunhua have also progressed layer by layer, 'money is cold, love's hand is warm', which is the advertisement of the richest man, but also fully expresses the idea that the film 'protects the most precious thing in your heart, you are the richest man'.

As you know, Wang Leehom's most well-known identity is a singer. In fact, he was also an actor. In Ang Lee's lust and caution, Wang Leehom played the role of Kuang Yumin, a male classmate who used to be very fond of the heroine. However, because Wang Jiazhi disguised himself as a married woman to assassinate Mr. Yi, he lost his life as a classmate of his peers.

For her loss of virginity, the attitude of these students is very bad, even Kuang Yumin, who loved her before, can't get rid of vulgarity, which made her suffer a lot and disappointed in love.

In addition to acting as an actor, Leehom Wang also directed and acted in "love notice" by himself, invited Liu Yifei to join in. Before that, he had been consuming energy in music, but in fact, Leehom Wang had a strong interest in movies.

After joining Ang Lee's lust, caution, he learned a lot of shooting skills. When participating in "soldiers and little generals", he asked Jackie Chan for advice. In addition, I also worked as a director when I was shooting the MV, so the time to be a director is ripe.

Leehom Wang has many wonderful roles, but he rarely appears on the screen since he got married, so it's a surprise to see him in Xihong city's richest man this time.