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Xihong city's richest man theme song episode a complete summary of what song Wang Lihong sang?

Recently, the comedic movie "the richest man in Xihong city", starring Shen Teng, was officially released in China. After it was released, it also received good reviews from all walks of life, and continued the happy Mahua's pop style as always. Have you heard seven episodes and episodic songs of the richest man in Xihong city? Did you like Wang Leehom's concert very much?

Zhang Guorong once said: 'with the soundtrack selected, the film has been half successful. 'the success of Charlotte's troubles is attributed to the movie soundtrack: a cut of plum, a date of 98, a good time, those flowers, too soft heart, no hesitation, the people in our village & hellip & hellip; a series of Golden Songs, which made the movie still popular three years after it was screened.

The movie soundtrack of Xihong city's richest man also continues the new song of Charlotte's troubles and the combination of nostalgic golden melody. Wang Leehom's famous song "can't miss you" and Li Keqin's "flower protector" are all matched with the movie's wonderful clips.

Seven episodes and episodic music of Xihong city's richest man

Episode 1: Flower Guardian: Li Keqin (Cantonese song after Wang Duoyu signed the contract with Xia Zhu)

"Flower protector" is a Cantonese song sung by Hong Kong artist Li Keqin, which is included in the album "street drama in the rain". "Flower protector" was Li Keqin's last big disc in the era of Polaroid records, which was released in the summer of 1991.

Episode 2: need company -- Wang Lihong (the first love song sung by Wang Lihong's private concert)

In need of company, Wang Leehom wrote lyrics and music. Wang Leehom often sees that some people are busy but have no goals. He always sees some people clinging to each other every day without a real heart. Wang Leehom feels that these people are lonely in their heart. In order to cover up the loneliness, they always seem to live very fast and love very well. Therefore, Wang Leehom wrote the song "need to be accompanied" according to the voice of such lonesome people. In the process of recording songs, Zeng Yike acted as the harmony of songs.

Episode 3: can't miss you -- Leehom Wang (the second fast song sung by Leehom Wang)

It's impossible to miss you -- tell us in the form of a song, show us the determination of love.

Episode 4: Expansion -- Lu Tong

Episode 5: calories -- rocket girl (BGM for national fitness after launching fat insurance program)

The episode calories of Xihong city's richest man is composed by Li Cong, Akiyama Sayuri and Peng Fei. It's performed by rocket girl 101 yuan.

The rocket girl in "creation 101" also sang a song "calories", in addition to which there is a very artistic conception: "I want to be willful, I want to be stubborn. In the current era of Internet language flooding people's lives, 'money, willfulness' has become the mantra of some people, while' no money, stubborn 'is the opposite.

Weight loss is an eternal topic for girls, so this MV of rocket girl is also quite appropriate. Plus now rocket girl also knows her own short board, such as Yang Chaoyue, who only gave him the line "burn my calories".

Episode 6: there is a kind of love called letting go

Episode 7: forget worry grass -- Zhou Huajian (ditto)

Epilogue: why you are you

Zuo Xiaozu, a music artist, is known by the public for her unique music style and singing style. Fan Xiaoxuan's frank and sweet voice once became her pronoun. This time, the two cooperated for the first time to sing the episodic song "why you are you" for the comedy film "the richest man in Xihong city", which was composed by zuozu.

The song uses the psychedelic electronic sound effect and the ethereal harmony. The mind floats to the exotic space in the soul. The noble and atmospheric brass music combines with the dance drum dots to untie the mysterious veil of the story.