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How about Yanxi's acting skills? Why did Yu Zheng praise Wu Jinyan?

Speaking of Wu Jinyan, many netizens are not very familiar with it, but have you been surrounded by Wu Jinyan in the latest hit drama "Yanxi strategy"? This is another time Yu Zheng vigorously praises new people. An old drama bone is willing to be a green leaf for them. Let's get to know.

So how to evaluate Wu's acting skills? What's the reason for Wu's performance in the role of Wei Yingluo in "Yanxi strategy"? You know, in "Yanxi strategy", Wei Yingluo is the protagonist of the play, and she Shiman and Qin LAN, the heavyweight actors in the play, are the foil of Wu. Such a line-up is also very popular.

Wu Jinyan is also a little flower of the post-90s. Before that, Yu Zheng was using eight words to praise Wu Jinyan in his microblog. Yu Zheng said: 'exquisite and smart, as beautiful as you', which is very high for Wu. Yu Zheng should have unique opinions on why he can find Wu Jinyan to play the role of No.1 girl.

Wu's ancient costume image is OK, but Wu is not a beauty in the entertainment circle. He has never competed with Fan Bingbing or compared with delireba. If Wu wants to stand firm in the entertainment circle, he can only rely on works to speak. Wu's acting skills are also highly praised. What's his performance in the new year's strategy? Can he bear it and let many stars do it for him Foil.

In fact, in the main election, she has a unique vision. Like yuan Shanshan and Zhang Xinyu before, they both have the physique of "recruiting black". It's because of such characteristics that the roles they starred in each time can attract a good broadcast rate for the play. The editor also admire this.

This time, Yu Zheng didn't praise Wu Jinyan in the same way as Yuan Shanshan did before. He really promoted the Yanxi strategy, Wu Jinyan, and the role Wu Jinyan created. He tried his best to let Wu Jinyan play his strengths and let Wu Jinyan release his energy.

Yu Zheng also tweeted before the launch of "Yanxi strategy", saying: "I've tried my best, so I don't want to gain or lose any more, but I'm here, and I'm scattered. You can see the story. It's very good-looking. I've done what I've learned all my life, and I'll never say anything else. 'netizens are also joking. Yu Zheng is turning to' Zheng '. This play is also worth looking forward to.