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Why is the richest woman in Xihong not Ma Li? Personal information of song Yunhua, the richest woman

Why isn't the heroine of Xihong city's richest man Ma Li? Shen Teng and Ma Li are the golden partners in the entertainment circle. As long as their works are played, there is no doubt that they will explode. But this time, Shen Teng's new movie has a new heroine. What's the matter?

Previously, Ma Li had been interviewed and said that she would not cooperate with Shen Teng every time in the future, so it is reasonable to change people. The tacit understanding between Shen Teng and Ma Li during the performance and the considerate details during the interview are the perfect CP for talented people and beautiful women. So many people think they are lovers, even husband and wife.

In fact, they are only partners and friends for many years. Both have their own emotional lives.

In 2015, Mary said in an interview, "to be honest, we are still afraid of the audience's aesthetic fatigue. If we have the right script and the right partner in the future, we may act separately.". 'now Mary is just realizing what she said.

So why is song Yunhua the heroine of Xihong city's richest man? I guess the director thinks it's face-to-face.

Song Yunhua has been popular on both sides of the Taiwan Strait with Lin Zhenxin's "my girlhood". After the film was released in the mainland, it was highly praised and won nearly 400 million box office. As a literary film, it is not easy.

At the same time, the 92 year old girl, who was fattened and ugly in my girl's time, won the Golden Horse Award nomination at one stroke. Song Yunhua focused her acting on the mainland in the past two years.

Her performance in "the richest man in Xihong city" is very much expected. The movie "the richest man in Xihong city" tells about Wang Duoyu, a frustrated goalkeeper played by Shen Teng, who was dismissed because of his failure in the game. However, she was at a low point in her life and met the wonderful challenge of "spending a billion yuan in a month"!

The film gathers all kinds of comedians to stage a special comedy film of "spend a billion yuan a month to worry about things". Based on the principle of "gold will always be spent", Wang Duoyu catches the cake from the sky. He thinks that he can turn his life back to the top, but he doesn't think that "happiness" is so easy. Wang Duoyu feels the pain of "money" for the first time.

It is reported that in addition to Yan Fei, Peng Damao and Shen Teng, the three "Xihong City Heroes" in the film, Zhang Yiming, Zhang Chenguang, Chang Yuan, Allen, Xu Dongdong and other "forced laughter" help.

In 2015, a black horse movie "Charlotte troubles" with a win-win reputation at the box office made Yan Fei, Peng Damao and Shen Teng, three comedians who grew up in happy twist, well known.

In fact, the three are the old partners of the cooperation for 11 years. They have a good understanding in front of the stage and behind the scenes. After Charlotte's troubles, Yan Fei, Peng Damao, the writer, director and Shen Teng, the three heroes of Xihong City, have combined again to create Xihong city's richest man. The familiar formula adds new ideas and is expected! Song Yunhua's heroine, though with few scenes, is expected to be popular!