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What kind of songs do you have when you punch your chest? Magic music is too Brainwashing

Recently, 'people beat your chest with a little punch,' this video is shaking again, so what is the full version of the beating of your chest with a small punch? This song is very magical, and the stem of 2017 is still very hot so far, and with characters, it definitely gives people a big belly fire.

It is reported that this song is called little Tsuen Quan, but it is not a very serious song. Little boxing punches your chest. It was originally a very hot stalk on the Internet. So Dai Chuan arranged the stalk and then became angry on the trembling sound.

This song sounds very magical, and it's sung by a man. It's very brainwashing. I have to say that I still feel a little bit that a man's hair is whine, and where there is a woman's share. You can try to listen to it, but the water margin version of "small fist beats your chest" is a mudslide. It's a real surprise!

Xiaoquanquan comes from a post about love show between lovers in tieba. In order to tease boyfriend, girlfriend sends a series of facial expression packs with "others beat you on the chest with little fist". The complete saying is: hum, others beat you on the chest with little fist! All blame you and don't cajole others. People want to cry, beat you on the chest, husband! Villain! Baa, How annoying to beat you on the chest!

They beat you on the chest with fists

Hum! It's all your fault

And don't cajole people

People want to cry

Beat you on the chest, villain!

Humph! Beat you on the chest

you are so annoying!


A crow and a crow

Hum, they beat you on the chest with small fists!

Bad guy, kill you

Beat you to death

Beat you to death

"Little punch to your chest" is the original MC shout song of MC Lin Jingfu. Recently, it is popular not only by Lin Jingfu but by Tsuen. There are many challenges on this kind of voice, but every video looks very magical, and interested friends can search for it.

In his music works, Dai Quan has combined Chinese folk elements with other popular styles for many times, creating works with unique style of "senior brother". Dai Quan is not only mature, but also thoughtful. He knows how to make good use of his own advantages, and his works are easy to cause topics.

Dai Quan's Wukong makes people feel gooseflesh after listening to it. He not only blends the tone of opera into the song, but also embodies the usual zigzag conflicts in the lyrics, which makes people feel shocked.

In fact, small boxing is the main school of South boxing in Wenzhou. It is widely popular in villages in southern Zhejiang in the 19th-20th century, and it is a kind of fitness martial art loved by the local people. With the change of the environment of Wushu inheritance in the new era, the number of practitioners of softboxing is decreasing gradually. With the closed and conservative teaching method, softboxing is on the verge of losing.