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Who are the six undercover agents of LV Yunfei, a poison hunter, in Truman? Is Wang Yujiang an under

The TV series "drug Hunter" is in the process of updating. Now it's the climax. Netizens are guessing whether LV Yunfei has installed an undercover agent or not? Who are the six undercover agents? Let's take a look with Xiaobian.

But when it comes to LV Yunfei, it's about Jiang Yinan. Jiang Yinan was also an undercover agent. On the surface, he was LV Yunfei's secretary, but actually cooperated with LV Yunfei in the investigation. But in the end, LV Yunfei was exposed, and Jiang Yinan had to protect his family. But she did not do a good job, which made LV Yunfei's family suffer not only physical injury, but also mental trauma.

Many netizens who are chasing after the drama hate Jiang Yinan, the heroine. They think she can do nothing but cry. As soon as there are her lines, the netizens will say that you are not talking nonsense? They also say that the play should not be arranged for female owners.

In fact, no matter what TV play, it will eventually be inserted in the love segment. Therefore, we should also accept the insertion of the hostess. And Jiang Yinan plays an important role in the plot. These six undercover agents are what she said, right? This secretary is what she took the initiative to be, right? Isn't the ability of a policeman who can fight and serve as a lawyer outstanding?

To get back to the point, let's continue to talk about six undercover agents. According to the chemical equation on LV Yunfei's express bill, those two English letters represent more guesses. Duochai is a subordinate of Yinta. He was very friendly when he first met LV Yunpeng, as if he knew him. When LV Yunpeng mentioned Jiang Yinan, his eyes twinkled, probably knowing him.

The second is what Jiang Yinan called "a Xiang", that is, the servant beside the Chu gate. Although she does not have what ability, but in the south side of Chutian, can obtain many intelligence. But according to the latest plot, Ah Xiang is the undercover agent of Wu Xinhe, so it's the police undercover.

The third is Zha cuisine. He was the laboratory cleaner, the one sent by the Indian tower to monitor LV Yunfei. He inadvertently helped LV Yunfei many times, and found that LV Yunfei's strangeness was not reported.

The fourth is Wang Yujiang. He has been waiting for chutiannan, and he has deep trust. Every time Chu Tiannan would tell him something big and small.

In the Truman investigation, three undercover agents have been exposed, so there are only three undercover agents at present. Who is the last undercover agent? Wang Yujiang or CFO of the group?