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How long can the newly decorated house stay? How does the newly decorated house taste formaldehyde?

for the newly decorated house, the most common one is formaldehyde, which is self-evident for the harm of human body, especially for children and pregnant women. Therefore, the newly decorated house needs to be placed for a period of time to live, so how long can the house be decorated before living? So the house must be placed for a period of time after decoration, so it can be safer.

1、 How long can I stay in the harmful gas

How to avoid harmful gases?

Now there are various brands of building materials for house decoration sold in the market, and the quality is also different. So when decorating the house, it's best to choose the construction materials with guaranteed quality. Because there are less harmful gases in such materials, you can move in soon after the decoration of the new house. If there are formaldehyde and other harmful gases in the room, people will immediately move into such a house, which will seriously affect people's health.

How long can I stay in the new house after decoration?

After finishing the decoration of the new house, it's better to open all the doors and windows in the house to let these harmful gases run out of the house with the air. When there is no smell in the house, you can move in.

How long can a new family house with pregnant women and children stay after decoration?

For pregnant women or babies at home, it's best to put the new house in place for a while before moving in. Generally, it is easy to place it in four months to half a year.

2、 How long can a new house stay after decoration

How long after the new house can be renovated? Many people have their own different opinions, but it is difficult to calculate if they want to get an exact number. Because many times the house has been decorated for half a year or even nearly a year, but after opening the door, the smell inside is still very big, so such a house can not be occupied. It may be caused by excessive harmful substances in the materials used for house decoration. If you don't want to put it in the future, you can also let some professional testing companies do some testing for home furniture. Only after the test results are up to the standard, people can move in safely.

3、 How long after the new house is decorated can you move in quickly

How long you can stay in a new house after decoration affects many people. If you are in a hurry to stay in a new house, you can choose some products that can quickly remove formaldehyde and other harmful substances. Now there are many new formaldehyde removal products on the market, and the effect is very obvious. Just put these formaldehyde removal products in the room. Before check-in, the formaldehyde smell in the room can be removed by opening the window and ventilating one week in advance. The most environmentally friendly way of decoration is to choose safe and non-toxic materials for decoration. In this way, you can stay in a short time.

1. New house deodorization

We all know that many building materials will emit some harmful gases after the decoration of the new house, and the smell is heavy, such as many wood, paint, etc., so one of the conditions for us to move into the new house is to disperse the harmful gases as soon as possible.

First of all, we can use some green plants that can absorb harmful gases and release oxygen to put in each room of the new house. The most powerful one is ivy, which can effectively absorb formaldehyde. The second is rubber tree. We can buy a few smaller rubber trees and put them in the new house. However, we need to pay attention to that the leaves of rubber trees are poisonous. It's better not to let children and pets eat them by mistake after staying in. And Chlorophytum, aloe and so on are very good plants to purify the air.

Besides plants, fruits can also be used to get rid of the smell of new houses. Pineapple, lemon and so on are very good fruits to dispel the flavor. There is no strict time limit for how long the new house can be occupied after decoration. According to the regulations, it can be occupied as long as it is fully qualified after 7 days' acceptance. However, we are accustomed to leaving the house vacant for one or two months to be able to move in safely.

2. Dehumidification of new house

We all know that the humidity of the newly decorated house is heavy, including the newly purchased furniture, the newly decorated wall or the ground. We should pay attention to the dryness of the new house while removing the peculiar smell of the new house. This requires that we often open windows for ventilation. If someone is guarding, it's better to open all the doors and windows that can be opened to form air convection and dry faster.

3. Preparation before check-in

When there is no problem with the air quality of the new house and the humidity is not enough to affect our health, we can be ready to move in properly. China, a traditional big country, also has a set of its own ceremony for new houses.

In the traditional preparations for new house occupancy, there are many geomantic sayings and gods to worship. Now they are all living in buildings. Many traditions have also been abandoned by us. But symbolic ceremonies will be held, rather than saying that we should hang a mirror on the top of the door of the new house, or hang an eight immortals color on the door to celebrate, and then put a string of firecrackers when moving.

Editor's summary: the above is how long you can stay after the decoration of the new house. After reading the relevant introduction, you will understand that the more relatives and friends come to move in, the more auspicious they will be. At night, when you rest, you should turn on every light in the house, including the bathroom, which means to take a lot of gas. In this proposal, it's better to prepare for the move in half a year after the decoration of the new house, which is of great benefit to your health.