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Can caesarean section of the first child give birth to a second child smoothly? How long does the in

For pregnant expectant mothers, the most frequently asked question during pregnancy is whether the pregnancy is a natural birth or a Caesarean birth. If the first birth is a Caesarean birth, can the second birth be a natural birth? First of all, it depends on how long the interval between the second and the first birth is. If the interval is more than 3 years, regular birth inspection can be carried out during pregnancy. If the baby is healthy, more exercise can be carried out in the later period, such as climbing stairs, etc., which is basically OK Spontaneous labor.

What should I do if I want to have a second caesarean section

Many mothers have a caesarean section for the first child, and the second child is in good physical condition. They want to have a smooth birth. What should I do at this time?

First of all, it depends on how long the interval between the second child and the first child is. If the interval is more than 3 years, you can have a regular birth check during pregnancy. If the baby is healthy, you can exercise more in the later period, such as climbing more stairs, and so on. Basically, you can also have a smooth birth.

But in fact, no matter what the situation, mothers should not rashly choose their own way of production. To listen to the doctor's advice, according to their own physical conditions and fetal development to choose the most appropriate way of delivery.

If conditions permit, doctors think that the second child can be delivered smoothly, then accept the doctor's arrangement; but if doctors comprehensively determine that the situation is not suitable for delivery, then do not force.

Will the first Caesarean birth and the second one fail

Many mothers give birth by caesarean section for the first time, fearing that there will be problems in the second. Generally speaking, only the following conditions can cause the second birth to be not smooth.

1. Thin or poorly healed first laparotomy

Clinically, some of the thin myometrium can be seen to be propped up by the fetus during the second cesarean section. The sutured wound is as thin as a plastic bag, which is easy to cause uterine rupture. However, the chance of uterine rupture is relatively low for the thick cesarean section wound.

2. Indications for the first caesarean section still exist

Indications of the first caesarean section still exist, such as pelvic stenosis, cephalopelvic disproportion, fetal malposition, soft birth canal deformity or stenosis, as well as complications of internal and external departments, such as heart disease, once delayed delivery and so on. These problems may also occur during the second birth, leading to the delivery process is not smooth.

3. Serious obstetric complications during second pregnancy

The second pregnancy has serious obstetric complications, such as severe preeclampsia, placenta previa, placental abruption and so on, which is not suitable for vaginal delivery.

4. Problems with the second pregnancy

There are some problems in the second pregnancy, such as fetal hypoxia, multiple pregnancy, intrauterine infection, and fetal overgrowth.

5. Too short interval between second pregnancies after caesarean section

If you are pregnant again within one year after cesarean section, it is very dangerous, because there is a very high risk of rupture of the uterus during pregnancy.

It takes a long time for the wound of uterus and abdominal wall to heal completely after cesarean section. Only after the wound is completely healed and has the same function as the normal tissue, can the fetus be conceived again, so as to ensure that the uterus does not rupture in the process of pregnancy.