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What are the conditions for the first batch of Beijing points to settle in 2018?

The reporter learned from Beijing Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security on June 15 that the first batch of points settlement application stage in Beijing officially ended at 24:00 on June 14. This year, more than 124000 points settlement applications in Beijing have been submitted by employers and entered the data verification stage. So what are the conditions to apply for Beijing points settlement? Let's get to know.

It is understood that from June 15 to July 30, the relevant departments will compare and verify the information of the above-mentioned personnel's integral indicators, and the preliminary verification results of the integral indicators will be published after July 31. If the applicant has a score indicator that needs to be followed up for on-site audit, the relevant materials can be prepared in advance for future reference in the data verification stage.

In accordance with the relevant provisions of the administrative measures and detailed rules for the settlement of points, the annual declaration of Beijing's settlement of points is implemented, which is divided into several stages, including declaration, verification, review, publicity and settlement. After the data verification, some indicators will be audited and rechecked on site from July 31 to September 4. Among them, for those with spouse's own residence and investment enterprise's tax points in Beijing, the proof of conjugal relationship and tax payment of investment enterprise shall be reviewed on site; if there is any objection to the preliminary verification results of legal and stable residence index's own residence information, innovation and entrepreneurship index's award information, and honor recognition index's honorary title information, a review application can be made. The annual settlement score and the list of persons to be qualified for settlement are expected to be released to the public in the fourth quarter.