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What's the matter with banning red and green jerseys from playing together? The football game is a h

What's the matter with banning the red and green jerseys from playing together? According to the official website of the Israeli Super League, in order to take care of the color blind fans, they will next ban the red and green jerseys from playing at the same time. Isn't this humanization a very good mark? It's just too warm.

Color blindness can be divided into full color blindness and partial color blindness (red blindness, green blindness, blue yellow blindness, etc.). Color blindness is a genetic defect that affects about 8% of people. Most of them suffer from red green color blindness (Dalton's disease). People with this disease can't distinguish red from green.

It is understood that color blindness is a genetic defect, about 8% of people are affected by it, the vast majority of them suffer from red green color blindness (Dalton's disease), people with this disease can not distinguish red and green normally.

Imagine that you are watching a football match, and 20 outfield players from both teams look exactly the same to you. This is the experience of watching the ball for people with color blindness. For example, in the game between belsheba workers or Tel Aviv hapur and Maccabi Haifa, if the two sides wear their traditional red and green jerseys, the color blind fans will not be able to tell who they are.

This disability greatly affects the fans' experience of watching the ball at home and on the spot, and if the players suffer from color blindness, their performance will also be affected.

The management committee has now reviewed the issue and has decided to recommend that the board of directors determine red and green as similar colors, so that the two colors of jerseys cannot be on the court at the same time. In this case, the visiting team will use the spare Jersey, i.e. white or black, which also applies to the goalkeeper's jersey color.

Nicolas Loew, executive director of the Premier League, said: 'I am very touched by the requests we have received from the fans to let people with color blindness watch the game better. '

"Our solution will allow thousands of fans to enjoy the complete experience of watching football games. According to the decision of the board of directors, we may become the first league in the world to implement the requirements for improving the experience of color blind people. We also call on the fans to continue to provide us with ideas that can promote the development of football games and improve the experience of watching games. '