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Can pregnant eat goose egg everyday? What is the advantage of having goose egg in pregnancy?

Can pregnant women eat goose eggs every day? For pregnant mothers to be, diet is a very important link. Many people say that eating goose eggs can get rid of fetal poison. Can goose eggs be eaten every day? What's the benefit of eating goose eggs?

When pregnant, it's absolutely good to eat goose eggs every day. Goose eggs are very big. Sometimes you can eat half of them if you can't finish one. Because goose egg is rich in nutrition, pregnant women often eat goose egg, which can not only improve brain and intelligence, promote the development of fetal brain, but also play a good role in detoxification.

Fetal toxin is the internal heat accumulated by pregnant women during pregnancy. It is divided into damp toxin and heat toxin. Most of them are fetal poisons accumulated in weather and diet. For example: in the place where pregnant women are located, if the weather is hot, it is easy to accumulate heat poison. If it rains frequently, it is easy to accumulate damp poison. In terms of diet: for example, pregnant women like spicy food, fried food, barbecue and other food, which is also easy to accumulate fetal poison. The specific symptoms are as follows: the fetus is easy to be born with pox rash, rubella, scabies, dermatophytosis, tongue coating, milk and food, crying, dry mouth and red face, yellow face, late umbilical cord fall, cold diarrhea, etc.

Goose egg is rich in lecithin, which plays a very important role in the development of brain nerve tissue. Pregnant women often eat goose egg, which can improve the symptoms of amnesia during pregnancy, and strengthen the brain. It can also help the baby's brain development, improve the baby's memory and intelligence, and make the baby smarter! The goose egg also contains rich protein and trace elements: calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, copper, which are easily absorbed by the human body and nutritious minerals.

Pregnant women eat can improve their own immunity, because pregnancy is a relatively low level of immunity. Pregnant women often eat goose eggs to improve their disease resistance. It can also be applied to the fetus to improve the immunity of the baby. The goose egg also contains vitamin A, vitamin B1 and vitamin B2. Not only good for vision development, but also healthy skin. Improve the rough skin and acne during pregnancy. And often eat goose eggs can also be used in the baby, so that the baby's skin is clean, white, tender and smooth. Goose egg can not only remove fetal poison, but also strengthen brain and intelligence, and improve immunity. It is very good for the fetus and the mother to eat goose eggs every day. However, the goose egg contains an alkaloid, which is not easy to be absorbed by human body. So pregnant mother to eat, do not greedy Oh!