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How to sit plane ear ache to return a responsibility? How does the ear ache of taking an airplane al

Flying, which is a lot of people are super like, but for the first time people flying, it is not suitable. How does the first time take an airplane ear ache to do? Take an airplane ear ache how to alleviate?

How to deal with ear ache when flying:

When passengers take a plane, they are most likely to have ear pain when they take off and land. Is there any way to relieve the pain? Of course there is.

First of all, do the action to open the eustachian tube so that the pressure in the eardrum can be adjusted as early as possible. Such as yawning, swallowing, eating, drinking, etc.

Secondly, before flying, ephedrine can be used to drop into the nasal cavity to reduce the swelling of the pharyngeal drum orifice mucosa.

In addition, wearing aircraft earplugs can automatically adjust the air pressure in the ear, so that the pressure difference in the middle ear cavity membrane can be reduced, so that the eustachian tube can play a normal function, and eliminate ear pain or discomfort.

However, in order to avoid tinnitus, what we often do is to swallow saliva, eat, yawn and other actions that can promote the opening of the eustachian tube, so as to reduce the phenomenon of tinnitus. However, tinnitus may be more serious in people with nasal congestion, nasal sensitivity, or cold. Not only will the ear ache, but also the hearing may be temporarily affected.

For those who have the above phenomena, it is better to find a doctor to dispense drugs before embarking on the journey, such as the medicine to constrict blood vessels. Before the plane lands, it can be dripped into the nasal cavity to relieve the discomfort. Some people like to drink in the plane, anyway, it's free. They don't drink it for nothing, but alcohol will increase mucus and cause eustachian tube swelling, and tinnitus will be more serious.

In particular, if you are taking a baby out, you can feed the baby when the plane takes off and lands. If it is inconvenient to feed the baby, you can also use a milk bottle to fill with delicious drinks, so that the child can continue to swallow, and keep the pressure balance inside and outside the tympanic membrane, so as to avoid the crying of the child caused by pain.

Do aircraft ears always hurt?

Usually there is an adaptation period.

Such a situation is due to the pressure on the eardrum caused by the great change of the air pressure during the takeoff and landing of the aircraft. This is a normal physiological phenomenon. Generally, it will recover soon. If 24 hours is still uncomfortable, it is recommended to go to the hospital to check if there is inflammation. If you don't get well, don't make a plane in 10 days to avoid aggravating your illness.