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How do I make sour plum soup at home? Detailed steps of making sour plum soup

It's hot. It's the peak season of sour plum soup again. A good sour plum soup can calm the mind, eliminate heat and heat, moisten the stomach and lungs, invigorate the stomach and eliminate accumulation, activate blood circulation and remove stasis, and regulate blood lipids. The sweet and sour sour sour plum soup is the favorite of many people in summer. So how to make the sour plum soup at home?

The key to making sour plum soup is that there are four kinds of raw materials, including black plum, hawthorn, licorice and crystal sugar, which are indispensable. Others can be changed or increased according to their own preferences and needs.

In addition, a problem that many people tend to ignore. As for the pot used to cook sour plum soup, please note that it can be a casserole, a glass pot, or a stainless steel pot, but never an iron pot. Remember!!!

Share your favorite recipe of sour plum soup:

Materials: 6-8 mume, 10g Hawthorn slice, 1g licorice, proper amount of crystal sugar, 5g orange peel, 2-3 luoshenhua, a little dried osmanthus

(Wumei can be bought at the counter of a traditional Chinese medicine store. Pay attention to that it's Wumei. Don't replace it with Wumei in the plum. Among them, Luo Shenhua, also known as rose eggplant, is just added to make the sour plum soup more red, bright and good-looking. You can do it without leaving it. The amount of icing sugar is put according to your own taste.)


1. Put all materials except dried osmanthus and crystal sugar into the filter screen, wash them with water, and then soak them in water for about 15 minutes to remove the original astringency of the materials.

2. Put the soaked ingredients into the casserole, add about 2L of clear water, and boil for about 1 hour.

(for sour plum soup, the amount of water must be fully added at one time. It's better not to add more water in the middle of the process. I use a casserole to boil 2L of clear water. The final product is about 1L of sour plum soup. The amount of water in one day is appropriate. If there are many people, you need to boil more water. In order not to affect the taste, please increase the amount of raw materials in proportion.)

3. Add sugar to adjust the sweetness according to your own taste, and turn off the fire after all the sugar melts.

4. Add dried osmanthus and mix well. Let cool and strain out sour plum soup. Refrigerate and chill it for better taste.

The main materials of sour plum soup include: black plum, hawthorn and ice sugar, in addition, licorice, orange peel, osmanthus, rose eggplant and other auxiliary materials. The color of sour plum soup with rose eggplant will show beautiful purple red, but because of the cold nature of rose eggplant, I usually don't put it when cooking sour plum soup.

Dark plum is the soul of sour plum soup. The variety of dark plum you choose determines the taste of sour plum soup. I like to choose smoked black plum. Although the color of the sour plum soup cooked with it is black, the thick and heavy feeling brought by the smoked flavor after the sour and sweet makes me addicted and hard to give up.