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Is there really five elder brothers in history? What is the historical ending of five elder brothers

"Huanzhugege" has been flourishing since it was broadcast. It is replayed almost every year on the fruit station. Recently, the broadcast of Yanxi strategy has made five elder brothers return to people's vision. What is the end of five elder brothers in history? Is there really five elder brothers in history?

Everyone should be clear about the plot of the TV play. The empress Rong Ma is a villain, while the five elder brothers Yong Qi, little swallow, crape myrtle, Erkang and others are chicks who can make the empress suffer losses.

As one of the protagonists in the play, wu'e Yongqi is not only a man of both culture and martial arts, but also Emperor Qianlong's favorite Prince and, of course, his favorite successor. Because Qianlong had secretly expressed her appreciation for Yongqi, the queen made a trip for her son Yonglian.

The ending of the TV series is that five elder brothers, Yongqi and little swallow, etc. give up their glory and wealth, go far away from Dali, and then go incognito. In the end, the throne fell to Prince Aisin Jueluo Yongyan, the Jiaqing emperor in history.

Although most of the characters in Huanzhugege are created by the author, the five elder brothers Yongqi actually exists in history. Yongqi's ending is far from that of the TV series, but Qianlong did want him to inherit the throne.

In the fifty eighth year of the reign of Emperor Qianlong, English envoy Magny came to see him. On this important diplomatic occasion, Qianlong talked about the princes and said without any disguise in front of the foreign envoys: at that time, I thought that the five princes of the emperor were more valuable among the princes, and they were proficient in Chinese, Manchu, Mongolian, horse stance, horseback and shooting, and arithmetic, which were quite intended for the other, but showed that the words were clear, and died of illness again.

When Qianlong said this, five elder brother Yongqi had passed away for more than 20 years. After such a long time, Qianlong still remembered and praised Yongqi, which shows his love for Yongqi.

So what kind of person is the real Yongqi in history, who can defeat Jiaqing emperor and become the most favorite Prince of Qianlong?

As Qianlong said, five elder brothers, Yongqi, had both culture and martial arts. They had practised martial arts since they were young and had excellent martial arts. Proficient in Manchu, Chinese, Mongolian, astronomy, geography, calendar, erudite.

Yongqi's talent is very outstanding among the princes, but this is not the most favorite place of Qianlong. What Qianlong valued most was Yongqi's filial piety, because he attached great importance to this aspect.

When Qianlong lived in Yuanmingyuan, a fire broke out in the Qing banquet hall of Jiuzhou. At that time, many ministers and princes fled in panic and ignored Qianlong. In the end, Qianlong, trapped in the fire, was carried out by Yongqi despite the danger of her life.

At that time, Emperor Qianlong's beloved brother, HongRi, was scolded by Emperor Qianlong because he did not rescue him in time. Yongqi, who was originally loved by Qianlong, became more favored after that, and Qianlong raised the idea of letting him succeed.

In the movie and TV series, five elder brothers choose to follow little swallow to Dali, and choose beauty in the world of beauty. But in the real history, people can't beat the sky. The reason why it was Jiaqing rather than Yongqi who eventually succeeded was that Yongqi died of illness at the age of 25.

According to the documents left by Chen zhaolun, King Yongqi suffered from bone sores and was not allowed to break. He was granted the title last winter and died in March. The so-called appendicular bone sore is appendicular bone gangrene, equivalent to today's bone tuberculosis.

It is recorded in the Jinjian of Yizong that appending gangrene is the evidence of treatment. That is to say, the disease was not fatal at that time. Therefore, many people have doubts about the death of brother Wu, which may be the source of the creation of huanzhu Zhongyuan Dali.

However, appendicitis was not an incurable disease at that time, but it was not easily cured. Especially if the disease is placed in the home of Aisin juaro, it is even more difficult.

Why do you say this? It seems that the Juelu family is susceptible to this disease. Yin Xiang, the prince of Yixian, the thirteen sons of Kangxi, and his son Hongluo all suffer from this disease. It is said that Emperor Guangxu also has this disease.

So it's just like smallpox can't be cured easily for Aisin juaro's family. It's reasonable to say that it can cause death.

When Yongqi was seriously ill, Qianlong ordered him to be crowned Prince ho Shuo Rong. Because of the illness drama, he was first crowned prince. As a result, Yongqi became the offspring of Qianlong's first vassal, and one of the three princes who had been granted a vassal in his lifetime. Among the three princes, one of them was Jiaqing emperor. Yongqi made good friends with Jiaqing emperor. It can be seen that Qianlong loved and valued him.