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What about wechat forgetting the payment password? How to reset wechat payment password if you forge

Wechat has now become one of the social software that many people like. It can not only strengthen the connection between friends, but also add many functions, such as wechat transfer, payment, wallet and so on. Is micro transfer very popular with many people? But what should wechat do if it forgets the payment password?

What should I do if I forget my wechat payment password? How can I get it back and reset?

1. Open wechat wallet and select 'password management' in the upper right corner.

2. Choose forget payment password.

3. Then you will be asked to rebind the bank card to retrieve the password. Click next.

4. Follow the steps to fill in the bank card information, and then click next.

5. The phone will receive the SMS verification code and fill in the next step.

6. Then it will let you reset the payment password, input it twice, select finish, and the payment password will be changed.

In addition to this method, you can also find the payment password by unbinding the bank card or binding a new card. The method of unbinding the bank card is to operate by "please rebind the bank card to find the password". This method is available in the next step when you forget the password. Adding a new card can also find the payment password.

Wechat payment password forgot how to do, in account wallet management, there will be a choice is password management, click enter. Then we can choose to forget the payment password, and the wechat system will prompt you for the next operation. According to the steps, you can retrieve the payment password, provided that the mobile phone verification code is required.