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How to deal with the damp and deformation of the floor? How to prevent the floor from moisture defor

Most families like to lay the floor at home to improve the quality of the home. Although the wooden floor looks more comfortable and high-grade, it is easy to deform, so what should we do about the floor deformation?

How to deal with floor deformation

Wood floor has the characteristics of moisture insulation, sound insulation, heat preservation, warm in winter and cool in summer, good elasticity, comfortable feet, etc., which many consumers like to choose. And the weakness of wood floor can not be ignored, because of the moisture absorption of wood floor, the problem of moisture absorption expansion and deformation can occur. How to deal with the problem of floor deformation? Here are some suggestions:

1. For the floor that has been warped due to damp, it is better to replace it. It is not recommended to plan the part that has been warped and then paint it. First, it looks incongruous; second, the thickness of the whole board is uneven, so the stress will be different, and pits are easy to appear.

2. For the floor with serious damp, you can use a vacuum cleaner to absorb water vapor at the splicing joint, or use a blower to dry it with cold air, but do not use hot air to blow, to prevent the surface from cracking and deformation due to heat drying.

3. For small area of deformation due to dampness, the skirting line of the floor can be removed to expose the expansion gap and send out the water vapor. It usually takes about three to ten days.

4、 For large area deformation. Also can seek the floor after-sale help, carries on the specialized processing.

How to prevent floor deformation

Three oil two felt

It means that when laying the floor, professional moisture-proof treatment shall be carried out: three layers of asphalt and two layers of felt paper shall be laid, and then a layer of cement shall be applied on it to prevent the release of harmful gases. The simple treatment is to lay a layer of damp proof membrane.

Installation of balance plate

After the installation of the wood floor, there is a certain expansion due to the temperature. So some will add a layer of floorboards on the keel, some will require a 0.2mm wide gap between the plates for installation, some will require a movable plate at the four corners of the room to facilitate moisture discharge, some will require a spring in the expansion joint of the floor beside the wall, some will use aluminum alloy keel, some will use track type wood floor installation method, etc.

Plate moisture-proof treatment

For example, the commonly used ones are: the back plate groove is painted, waxed, covered with aluminum platinum, covered with plastic using nanotechnology.

Daily moisture-proof

The floor is afraid of water, so water stains should be cleaned in time. And don't wipe the floor with a wet mop often.

Do not expose to the sun, or directly bake the wood floor with high temperature. Avoid drying and cracking. Wait.