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What's the meaning of Yanxi? What's the meaning of Yanxi's name?

the Qing palace drama "Yanxi strategy", starring Qin LAN, Nie yuan, she Shiman and Wu Jinyan, has finally started broadcasting. This is a drama that has been prepared for a long time by the studio. It has attracted much attention since the beginning of shooting. Do many people not understand the name of the TV drama? What does Yanxi mean?

The story between the emperor and the concubines in the imperial palace of the Qing Dynasty is a hot topic for TV series shooting in recent years. In the past few years, the phenomenon level play Zhen Huan tells the story of Yongzheng's Imperial Palace in the Qing Dynasty. The story of Ruyi, which was not broadcast, was starred by Zhou Xun and Huo Jianhua. It also tells the story of the imperial palace of the Qing Dynasty The story of the Imperial Palace in Qianlong period.

As a Qing palace opera, the name of "Yanxi strategy" is quite special. In recent years, the word "strategy" is commonly used in "tourism strategy" and "game strategy". It refers to the detailed explanation, steps and skills in this process. Putting such a modern word in the name of a Qing palace opera means the secret script of the protagonist's breakthrough.

In this context, the meaning of Yanxi is really curious. Yanxi is neither the name of the heroine nor a title. It is one of the six Eastern Palaces in the Forbidden City. It is located in the lower southeast corner of the six Eastern Palaces. It was built in the reign of Yongle in the Ming Dynasty. It used to be called Changshou palace and Yanqi palace. At last, it was renamed Yanxi palace in the Qing Dynasty.

So what's special about Yanxi palace? Actually, Yanxi palace was the place where the concubines lived since the Ming Dynasty, so I finally understand. "Yanxi strategy" tells the story of how Wei Yingluo, a palace maid, with her intelligence, went from being a little palace maid to being the biggest winner in the Imperial Palace during the Qianlong period.

It turns out that this "Yanxi strategy" is the upgrade strategy of the way from palace maids to concubines.

The six Eastern Palaces of the Forbidden City respectively refer to Jingren palace, Chengqian palace, Zhongcui palace, Jingyang palace, Yonghe palace and Yanxi palace. Jingren Palace should be a familiar place in the movie and TV series. The birth mother of Emperor Qianlong lived in Jingren palace. To tell you with the movie and TV series, it is the Empress Dowager in huanzhu gege (that is, Zhen Huan in the legend of Zhen Huan), who lives in Jingren palace.

The most famous living place in Chengqian palace is the empress Xiaoxian of emperor Shunzhi, the Dong'e family he loved all his life. The name Zhongxi Palace should also be seen in movies and TV plays. It used to be the residence of the crown prince. The most famous living place here is the Empress Dowager cian, who is the opposite of empress Cixi.

Jingyang palace has been accepted as a place for books since it was rebuilt during the reign of Kangxi, but it seems that in the movie and TV play "Huanzhugege", five elder brothers live in it? I have this vague impression, don't you remember? Don't you know if I remember it wrong? Yonghe Palace is also the residence of concubines and concubines of the harem. Here lived the virtuous concubines of Kangxi ye, the birth mother of Yongzheng and 14 elder brothers.

Today's Yanxi palace is famous for its two concubines of Emperor Daoguang. However, Yanxi palace is really a special one. It's a three-story western style building. If you go to the Forbidden City today, you can also see this extraordinary "Western uncompleted tail building", which is also known as "Crystal Palace".

Yanxi Palace used to be the same pattern as other five palaces. There was a plaque written by Emperor Qianlong in the interior. However, during the Daoguang period, there was a fire here, and only the gate of the palace was burned. Later, under the chairmanship of Emperor Guangxu, Princess Jin, I wanted to build a three story western architecture 'water Hall'. Unfortunately, it was not finished yet, and the Qing Dynasty was gone, so it became a ruined building.

I didn't expect that you should know more about the history of architecture in order to catch up with the palace fighting drama between the women in the harem. Do you have this knowledge?