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Why did Hu Yanbin and Zheng Shuang break up?

This afternoon, Hu Yanbin tweeted: "this should be the last time we met in our life. After sending this message, I will delete the wechat phone link. I hope you have a better life than me, and you must be happy in the future.". Suspected denial and Zheng Shuang compound rumors. So why did the two break up?

Last night, the media exposed the videos and photos of Zheng Shuang meeting with Hu Yanbin. On that day, Zheng Shuang was always dressed in a casual way, holding something similar to a document, and smiling from time to time during the phone call. Not long ago, Hu Yanbin, her ex boyfriend, drove to Zheng Shuang's location to meet her, and staged the plot of "touch the head" in an idol drama. This kind of alternative dog food is also better than eating Suddenly.

Zheng Shuang has had two well-known relationships, one with Zhang Han, and the other with Hu Yanbin, a musical talent. Therefore, it is suggested that the two may have revived their old love this time. In his new book released last year, Zheng Shuang may have compound key with Hu Yanbin's 100 little things and Hu Yanbin's songs.