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What's the matter with Wu Yifan? What's the grudge between Wu Yifan and Hu Pu?

On the 25 day, Wu Yifan uploaded the new song video to respond to the quarrel between the fans and the tiger forum users. He said, "who else has moved the cheese?" Don't go to the scene to listen to our music. You don't need to work hard to do special processing and silencing, and my music doesn't need to be listened to by your group. Finally, I'll see you in a few days. '

Later, Hupu commented and forwarded: 'good Fanfan, nobody's cheese, Fanfan wants to explode our forum, so we gentlemen fight back, but why take our own MV? In addition, Hupu pedestrian street is for entertainment, not just sports, understand SKR. What's the level of new songs? "

Hupu responds to Wu Yifan

Wu Yifan's video behavior of disp

Earlier, Wu Yifan's studio also issued a statement, saying that recently someone maliciously adjusted and silenced the audio and video, and severely condemned this behavior.