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Who is Zhang Wen? What's the matter with Zhang Wen's sexual harassment?

Recently, a network of friends said that Zhang Wen raped them in May this year, and then Jiang Fangzhou and Yi Xiaohe also said that Zhang Wen had touched their thighs and other harassment behaviors. After Zhang Wen responded to the voice, friends of the victims also released the latest situation of the victims. But Zhang publicly said he had never sexually assaulted or harassed anyone.

For Jiang Fangzhou and Yi Xiaohe's sexual harassment, Zhang Wen said: 'if a group of people cuddle or take a picture after drinking in an occasion, it's also sexual harassment, I don't know. '

In the screenshots of Jiang Fangzhou and Yi Xiaohe's circle of friends, they all mentioned that Zhang Wen "touched his thigh". Zhang Wen replied: "how many people can I touch his thigh? It's strange why I said that all of a sudden. '

Personal information

Zhang Wen, male, Han nationality, was born in Huangmei County, Hubei Province in April 1974. Nanjing Normal University, master of journalism, well-known media, current affairs commentator. China's top 100 public intellectuals, international visitors to the U.S. State Department, and many media columnists.

In July 2018, an article "chapter, please stop your infringement" was hot on the Internet. The author refers to being raped by Zhang Wen on May 15, 2018. Zhang Wen once said to her afterwards: 'you can never get rid of the fate of being my woman. I have more than 100 girls. 'the author points out that he has been threatened by the articles and there are other sexual harassers.