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What does Wu Yifan mean by SKR? What is the source and source of SKR?

Recently, the professional words in rap are very popular. For example, SKR. What's the meaning of SKR in Chinese new rap? Wu Yifan brought fire to freestyle last year. This year, it seems that SKR has a trend of fire again. Do you know what it means?

Rap singers always add a SKR at the end of rap. SKR is an onomatopoeic word, which imitates the brake sound of motorcycles. It's meant to drive a car. In rap, follow him. Wu Yifan also brings the hot word SKR again, and the rap season is about to start.

Skrrrrrr is an onomatopoeic word, which imitates the sound of a racing car when it's drifting. Because a sports car is often mentioned in rap (money worship), a skrrrrrr must be added at this time. Of course, if it's not related to the car, you can also shout twice when expressing the excitement.

Recently, Wu Yifan has been talking about "SKR SKR" at the press conference of "China's new rap". When it comes to popular words, Wu also predicted that the word "SKR" also has "popularity potential". In order to build momentum for the "potential online celebrity" ahead of time, several producers at the press conference made full use of their solutions. In the quick Q & a process, everyone's speech ended with "SKR", full of magic.

Last year, when "hip hop in China" was broadcast, Wu Yifan's "do you have freestyle" became popular. In response, Wu Yifan said in a group interview that last year freestyle became popular beyond his expectation, and he was not sure whether 'SKR' could really become a hot word this year.

Last year, Wu Yifan exploded the freestyle craze in "hip hop in China". At the press conference of "new rap in China", Wu Yifan frequently mentioned the word "SKR", which was quickly caught by netizens and became popular on the Internet. People who understand it will get to the point immediately, but many people don't understand what Wu Yifan means. Will it become a new popular vane this year? Let's wait and see.

At this conference, Wu Yifan's favorite response was in English. He mentioned several times of SKR. When asked about the players in North America, Wu Yifan still used SKR to respond. When asked about the new words that will be born this year, Wu Yifan again SKR. In addition, he explained that we will hear many times of SKR from the performances of players after the program starts.