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How to deal with placenta after giving birth? Take it or leave it to the doctor

Placenta is an organ formed in human embryonic development. It is like a transit station, mainly responsible for the transport of oxygen and nutrients needed for growth between the mother and the fetus. So for the expectant mothers who are about to give birth, are they very concerned about where the placenta goes?

When the fetus is born, the placenta will be delivered to the body together with the fetus. How does the hospital deal with the placenta?

Generally speaking, before giving birth to a mother, the doctor will ask the mother and her family members for their opinions and sign an agreement to let them choose to be handled by the hospital or by themselves.

Some people look at the bloody lump and don't know how to deal with it. If they choose not to, then the hospital will deal with it in accordance with relevant regulations. Some of them may be made into specimens, and some of them may become medical waste.

However, people who choose to take placenta home may bury it at the door of their home or use it as fertilizer in their own fields due to different customs. There are many different ways to do this, which are not listed one by one.

Placenta is also called Ziheche. In compendium of Materia Medica, it is a precious traditional Chinese medicine. Therefore, some people will choose to boil placenta and eat it, or dry it and grind it into powder for skin care.

But in the medical field, it is generally not recommended to eat, because there are harmful substances on the placenta.

Of course, not all placenta can be taken away, although the Ministry of health has made it clear that after childbirth, placenta should belong to the mother.

But if there are infectious diseases, such as AIDS, hepatitis, venereal diseases, etc., in order to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, the hospital is also strictly prohibited to take the placenta away by itself.

Some irregular hospitals, in order to seek illegitimate interests, may cheat the puerpera and quietly carry out illegal sales of placenta.

Of course, these are in a small number, so you have to go to a regular hospital to have children!