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How does darling summer grow prickly heat to do? How to care for babies with prickly heat?

When summer comes, parents are most worried about their baby's prickly heat. Prickly heat is the most common acute skin inflammation in summer. After the baby grows prickly heat, he likes to scratch with his hands, so it will itch and hurt, so what should he do in summer?

Why does baby grow prickly heat?

We know that the appearance of prickly heat is due to excessive perspiration in the hot and sultry environment, but the evaporation of sweat is not smooth, which leads to the blockage of sweat pipe, the rupture of sweat pipe, and the infiltration of sweat into the surrounding tissues. However, due to the delicate skin, the development of sweat glands and the function of regulating body temperature by evaporation of sweat in infants are worse than that in adults, so it is easy to get prickly heat.

Although prickly heat is not a big problem, when the baby grows prickly heat, it will feel burning and itching. It is very uncomfortable. Therefore, the baby is more likely to make incessant noise after growing prickly heat, which makes her parents restless in the daytime and at night. In the face of this situation, parents need to know that applying some topical drugs to the baby, or cleaning with warm water, etc., can help the baby eliminate prickly heat.

What to do with baby prickly heat

Every summer, the baby is very easy to grow prickly heat, in order to solve the problem of prickly heat, the parents also make every effort. However, those who should have come will still come. This prickly heat is really hard to prevent. So, what about babies with prickly heat? Let's see what parents can do when babies have prickly heat!

First of all, mom and dad should pay attention not to wipe the baby's skin directly with the flower dew, because the flower dew contains alcohol, which greatly stimulates the baby's skin. The baby's skin is still delicate. When using the water, it may cause the pain that the baby can't bear, and make the baby cry more.

Secondly, the baby grows prickly heat, which may be caused by the clothes being too thick and airtight, so when the baby grows prickly heat, pay attention to let the baby breathe. Your baby's room should also be ventilated and cool.

Again, mothers should pay attention to keeping their babies clean. Mothers bathe their babies and dry their bodies to keep them dry. In addition, mothers can use some special prickly heat powder for infants to calm and relieve itching.

Finally, mothers can also drop a few drops of dew into the bath water when bathing the baby, and then wash the baby's body. After the combination of toilet water and bath sleep, it will not stimulate the skin of infants, but also play a good role in anti-inflammatory.

Moms should make it clear that nursing is very important for babies to have prickly heat.

How to nurse the baby with prickly heat

It's very important to take care of your baby's prickly heat. Parents should make it clear that the main reason for your baby's prickly heat is that you can't sweat normally. Therefore, when your baby has prickly heat, you must pay attention to the following nursing work.

I. ventilation

We all know that the baby's prickly heat is mostly caused by excessive sweating in the hot and sultry weather, so when the baby has prickly heat, it is particularly important to keep the baby in a ventilated environment. In summer, you must use air conditioner or electric fan for your baby. For babies under 1 year old, parents should not hold them all day long. They can spread a mat in a cool and ventilated place for children to play. But to avoid strong sunlight baby, do not let children play in the sun.

Two, clean

1. The baby's prickly heat is related to heat and humidity. Therefore, if the prickly heat is born on the head and neck, the baby's hair should be cut short, and the baby's head should be shaved.

2. When the weather is hot, parents should make sure to bathe the baby with warm water 2-3 times a day to keep the skin clean. In addition, children's prickly heat mostly grows in the neck, chest, back, armpit, forehead and other parts, parents should pay attention to the use of warm towels for children to frequently bathe or wipe sweat.

3. To change clothes for baby frequently, clothes should be light, breathable, soft and fat, keep skin clean and dry.

3、 Principles of treatment

1. Generally, there is no need to take medicine for babies to grow prickly heat. The lighter prickly heat can be lightly applied and disinfected with alcohol to prevent the spread of infection.

2. Baby long prickly heat should not be washed with hot water and soap, not to mention ointment drugs, so as to prevent sweat evaporation and aggravate symptoms.

3. Baby long prickly heat, can be in the armpit, neck, chest back and crotch rub some hot prickly powder or hot prickly water, but not too much, otherwise damp caking easy to scratch the skin, if there is skin infection, should go to the hospital as soon as possible.