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Is the thing on the little red book authentic? Is there any fake on the little red book?

Now for many girls' paper, do you like to plant grass and cosmetics on the little red book? Is there any fake on the little red book? How about the things on the little red book?

Netizens said:

I was also cautious at first. I bought a Swisse Cranberry capsule last month. When I asked two foreign friends, they all said it was genuine. It's said that there are quite a variety of packaging batches. Only when my Australian friend said that I knew it, I felt it was quite reliable. Now I buy a lot of coupons when I have them. It's very cost-effective. Their community is where users send their own purchases. It has nothing to do with welfare agencies!

I know a sister who works in Zhengzhou bonded warehouse. She said that xiaohongshu has her own warehouse in the bonded warehouse. Previously, it was reported that in order to ensure the supply of goods, the app sold things that were purchased directly by the company and brands, with certificates and issued directly in the bonded warehouse.

What is little red book?

Xiaohongshu's product positioning is: a product information sharing platform with all user contribution content (UGC). Users can find good things around the world, move the offline shopping scene to the online, and add the endorsement of real users.

Therefore, the goal of xiaohongshu is to provide users with a more cost-effective way of life in the process of consumption upgrading, and ultimately help them achieve it simply and quickly.

Qu Fang, co-founder of xiaohongshu, said that unlike other e-commerce platforms, xiaohongshu is a sharing platform and a tool to obtain consumer information. Instead of becoming an e-commerce, it is helping you find good things you don't know. It is based on this that we compare xiaohongshu to the "Zhihu" of the overseas search edition.

Referring to marketing methods, she also said that xiaohongshu had achieved an explosive growth of 10 million users with zero advertising in the first stage. In terms of communication, media communication of 1.0, talent communication of 2.0 and word-of-mouth communication of 3.0 are the most important.

Because only users like products, will continue to affirm xiaohongshu. As for competitors, the community is the biggest barrier, because it needs to accumulate a lot of data and users, so it is difficult for others to enter after growing up, and more e-commerce is doing supply chain.

For the current outbreak of online shopping, "we are also a company in the wind, not only because cross-border e-commerce is very hot, but also the consumption is constantly upgrading. For example, mothers and infants are most concerned about the health of their children, and all aspects need to be upgraded, which is our opportunity. "Said Qu Fang.

In her opinion, entrepreneurship is to grasp the most important things within very limited resources. With the continuous change of products, talents are crucial to entrepreneurship.

Of course, entrepreneurship is very hot nowadays, and there are many people entering. What we need to do is to quickly test and error, quickly find the direction, and quickly iterate. Only when the company develops rapidly, can it solve more bottlenecks faster.

From tools to communities

Move women's offline discussion shopping scenes online, targeting the middle class

Why is it the king to transform from tool to community? Because only massive real-time information can meet the needs of massive users for complex shopping information.

The high quality of the pictures and the detailed description of the contents in Xiaohong's book in the community are a little similar to the early Zhihu, so I think the PGC component must account for a large proportion. But recently, I talked with the founder at an activity. He said that tens of thousands of items of content are produced by real users spontaneously every day, and there is no reward for strong operation talents and materials.

I asked a few friends who strolled around xiaohongshu about the driving force for them to see and share continuously. One answer made me quite agree: 'every girl has a group of girlfriends, and they will share what they bought recently in the afternoon tea and wechat group. Xiaohongshu just moved my girlfriends' circle from offline to online, and extended it to the whole world. I want to know about America, Japan and South Korea What's new in China and Europe recently? It's good to have a look. Sometimes I buy something I like very much and I'm willing to share it. Anyway, my boyfriend won't understand it. '

At the same time, the content community generated entirely by users has a strong attraction to the majority of 'pan white-collar' groups. It has a huge educational effect on the female groups who are close to university graduation, experiencing the change of living conditions and consumption upgrading, and the user groups are naturally extended.