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Stewed ribs with cold water or hot water? How to cook stewed ribs?

Is stewed ribs in cold water or hot water? Ribs is a very common food material. The common methods are braised ribs and stewed ribs. For those who like to drink ribs soup, the most common is stewed ribs. So, is stewed ribs in cold water or hot water?

When stewing ribs, there is always a problem that puzzles us, that is, stewing in cold water or boiling water. Some people even ignore this problem and think it's the same. In fact, don't make this mistake again. There is a big difference between cold water and boiling water. In the end, stewing ribs should use cold water or boiling water. Here is the first difference between fresh ribs and frozen ribs It's a mistake.

If you make sure that you buy fresh ribs, you can wash them clean and control the water content. You don't need to blanch them. You can stew them in a boiling water pot directly. You don't need to change the water in the middle of the pot. You just need to skim off the froth from time to time, because fresh ribs won't smell fishy when you make them. Moreover, opening the underwater pot is also conducive to the separation of protein and the loss of nutrition. The stewed ribs taste delicate and tender 。

If you buy frozen ribs or frozen ribs from your own refrigerator, it's different. You can't stew them according to the method of stewing fresh ribs, because frozen ribs have blood and water after freezing. If you don't handle it properly, the stewed ribs will have a strong fishy smell.

So the right way is to thaw the ribs at room temperature first (the nutrition of the ribs boiled with water will be lost). After thawing, the ribs will be blanched in cold water. The cooking wine and ginger can be put in the water to remove the fishy smell. After the water is boiled, the froth will be removed, the ribs will be washed and then stewed in boiling water.

If you don't distinguish between fresh ribs and frozen ribs, you can stew them in boiling water. The difference is still great. If you stew frozen ribs directly in boiling water, they will be very good and chew well. If you treat it differently, the taste and taste of the stewed ribs are almost the same. You can try it next time you stew the ribs.