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Where is the office fish tank better placed? Pay attention to the arrangement of aquarium

Now the hotel or many hotels will put a fish tank in the entrance position, do you know why? In fact, the position of the fish tank is exquisite in Fengshui, so where is the better place to prevent it?

Placement position of fish tank Fengshui

A. Fish tank should not be too large

Too large fish tank will store too much water. From the perspective of Feng Shui, water is important, too much and too deep is not suitable, and the position of eyes when fish tank is higher than adult standing is too high, so the fish tank in living room should not be too large and too high, especially for small living room.

B. Fish tanks should not be placed in Jifang

No house can be perfect. There are always some external evil spirits and so on. Using fish tank to dissolve the external evil spirits is one of the ingenious ways. There is a saying in geomancy that "water is transferred into the zero hall". The so-called "zero hall" refers to the decline of the misfortune. It means that water can be introduced into the position of the misfortune, which can turn the misfortune into the good and turn the bad into the good. Therefore, fish tanks should be placed in the fierce side, not in the lucky side.

C. Don't put the fish tank on the back of the sofa

From the point of view of fengshui, it is not appropriate to rely on water as the back of the mountain, because water is impermanent, so it is difficult to seek stability. So put the fish tank behind the sofa, where a family sits everyday, it will be reliable without mountains and affect the stability of the house. If the fish tank is placed next to the sofa, it will not hinder the fengshui of the house.

D. Fish tank must not collide with the stove

There is a lot of water in the fishbowl, and the kitchen stove is a fire. Because water and fire are opposite, if the fishbowl in the living room is in a straight line with the kitchen stove, it will be a taboo of fire and water. If a fish bowl is opposed to a stove, it will be harmful to the health of the family members. The reason is that water and fire collide with each other, and water can kill fire. The family members who depend on the stove to cook food will suffer as well. In addition, fish tanks should be placed in a straight line with the altar.

E. Don't put the fish tank under the God of wealth

As the saying goes, "wealth comes to wealth", so the gods of wealth such as fortune, fortune, longevity and Samsung should be placed in the position of wealth, which can add to the cake. If the God of wealth is placed on the fish tank, it is a big mistake. Because the aquarium should have been placed in the fierce side of the house. If the God of wealth is placed near the aquarium, it conflicts with the principle of "return of wealth to the place of wealth". Moreover, if the God of wealth is placed on the aquarium, it will violate the "God under water" taboo of geomancy, and there will be a risk of breaking the money?

F. The number of fish should match the five elements of the head of household

How many fish to keep in the fish tank is the way of fengshui, which is mainly determined by the five elements of the household head's fortune telling.

Place of office fish tank

Office Fengshui gathering place is generally in the diagonal position of the entrance and exit, suitable for the placement of fish tanks, easy to highlight the decorative role of fish tanks. However, it is not allowed to put sundries here, which is easy to damage Fengshui; the southeast position of the office belongs to the location of Yicai. Placing the fish tank in this position also has the function of enriching Fengshui.