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Have you brushed your teeth correctly over the years

Brushing teeth can effectively remove the food residue and breath in the mouth, so brushing teeth has become an essential thing for us every day, but you have brushed your teeth for so many years, have you brushed them correctly? How to brush your teeth to protect your teeth and mouth? Here is a brief introduction.

Method 1: choose a bad toothbrush

A good tool is necessary for brushing your teeth. What kind of toothbrush is suitable for brushing your teeth? We need to choose a toothbrush with soft and fine hair. Too hard easy to hurt the gums of teeth, resulting in bleeding.

Method 2: water temperature

The water temperature is very important. In the cold winter, the water is also cold, so we'd better choose warm water to brush our teeth at this time. Brush your teeth with cold water, and the sensitive teeth will feel soft and sour.

Method 3: brushing

Before brushing your teeth, take a mouthful of water and spit it out to make your mouth moist. Then brush your teeth with toothpaste. Here are a few precautions: do not brush your teeth too hard. The food residue bacteria on your teeth can be removed as long as you brush them gently, without using brute force. The right way to brush your teeth is to brush back up and down. The horizontal brush is easy to hurt your gums and even abrade your enamel. It is easy to loosen the teeth after a long time. Once you have mastered the method of brushing your teeth, you should brush them for at least three minutes. The innermost die should also be brushed.

Method 4: brush twice a day

After a night, there will be bacteria in the mouth, so brush your teeth as soon as you get up. Another time, I brush my teeth before I go to sleep. Because the food residues such as eating and snacks are left in my mouth, I need to clean them before I go to sleep. In addition, you can brush your teeth and freshen your breath after eating the food with strong taste.

It turns out that such a simple brushing is also asked by the University. Have you learned it?