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Why does the price of eggs rise in the era of 4 yuan?

Since July, the price of eggs has continued to rise. At present, the market price has exceeded 4 yuan per kilogram, which is also the highest price after the Spring Festival. Many people may still remember the phenomenon of "rocket eggs" in the second half of last year, so will there be another "rocket eggs" this year? What impact will this wave of higher egg prices have on the market?

At a farm market in Qingdao, the stall owner told reporters that the price of eggs has been rising recently, and her price tag has also been changed. At present, 10 yuan per jin of free range eggs and 4.4 yuan per jin of ordinary eggs have been sold.

The reporter inquires from the price information system of the national agricultural products wholesale market. In the recent week, the price of eggs has increased from 7.51 yuan per kilogram to 8.54 yuan, with an increase of nearly 14%. Compared with the farmer's market, the price of eggs in the supermarket is relatively stable.

For some egg processing enterprises, when the price of raw materials rises, the profit space will be compressed. This pastry processing enterprise processes more than 100000 cakes every day, and needs about ten tons of eggs.

Wang Zhen, director of a pastry factory: from 3.4 yuan at the beginning of July to 4 yuan a catty at present, we earn more than 20000 yuan less every day. If we go up to 4.2 yuan or 4.3 yuan again, the price of our corresponding products will fluctuate a little to two cents.

In the second half of each year, the price of eggs will rise to different degrees. However, compared with previous years, this year's egg price not only rose rapidly, but also rose ahead of time.

Sun Hualin of xinglongtun village, Laixi City, Shandong Province has raised more than 20000 chickens, including 9000 laying hens, which produce 1300 Jin of eggs every day. He told reporters that he would receive a text message every time the price was raised. Recently, there has been a long list of price hikes.

Sun Hualin, a farmer in xinglongtun village, Jiangshan Town, Laixi City: July 1 is 3 yuan, July 3 to 3.1 yuan, July 4 to 3.2 yuan, July 16 to 3.75 yuan. Since July 1, the daily quotation has gone up, sometimes by a hair, sometimes by two.

Sun Hualin is a small-scale farmer, with the current egg price, making more than 300 yuan a day. Sun Hualin began to raise chickens in 1999. In his view, the laying industry is a big cycle of five years and a small cycle of three years. The periodicity of the last two years is not obvious, especially in the first half of last year, the price of eggs dropped to two yuan per Jin.

Wang Yanyan, a staff member of Laixi Animal Husbandry Bureau: in the past two years, the farmers' breeding profits have decreased, and the environmental protection requirements have become higher and higher, leading to some small and medium-sized farmers have to quit. From the beginning of last year to the beginning of this year, the number of laying hens in Laixi decreased from 3.78 million to 3.46 million, down by more than 300000.

According to the analysis of the insiders, another reason for the increase in egg price is the seasonality. The hot weather and more rain in the south of China lead to the decrease of egg production. In addition, the concentrated elimination of the old chickens in the early stage is also a reason for the high egg price, and the probability of the big rise and fall of the egg price in the future will not be too great.