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What's the ending of Yanxi's strategy of Gao Guifei? Who is the historical prototype of Gao Guifei?

The TV play "Yanxi strategy" has been broadcast, there are many characters in the play that are worth looking forward to, so who is the domineering Princess Gao? The actor of the princess Gao is Tan Zhuo, who is Liu Sihui in "I am not the God of medicine". This time, Tan Zhuo's image in the play is quite dark, but also a vicious role.

Yan Xi's attack on Gao Guifei died of illness in history. I believe that the changes in the play are not very big. After the princess Xian was in the position, the first one is Gao Guifei. After all, Gao Guifei also made a lot of achievements.

There are many beauties in Emperor Qianlong's harem. If it is not necessary to pick out some of these women that are very special for Qianlong, Gao Jia, the imperial concubine, will surely occupy a place. Gao Jia, the imperial concubine, is the historical prototype of Gao Ningxin in the Yanxi strategy. Gao GUI, played by Tan Zhuo, takes her noble and cool image to a proper degree.

The reason why the high concubine always treats the people around her with such a high attitude is that the Emperor Qianlong doted on her.

At the beginning of the plot, the audience can find that Gao Ningxin, the high imperial concubine, is only inferior to the empress Fucha in the harem, but bigger than the empress's aura. She was dressed in a noble red flag suit, charming and delicate, with a cold and fierce look. Even if she was covered with luxurious jewelry, she would not look vulgar at all. Instead, she had a dignified manner that let people respect her from afar.

Gao Guifei's character should be strong and competitive, arrogant and domineering. She is both talented and good at Kunqu Opera. She not only won the emperor's favor, but also was doted on by the Empress Dowager. At that time, she was no different in the imperial palace. She had the best food and clothing. A pearl shawl she wore at that time was later adopted by Cixi.

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Gao Guifei's character is cruel. At the beginning of the plot, she is like dealing with other concubines who are pregnant with dragon foetus, and is saved by the empress Fucha. Empress Fucha didn't want to fight with it, but she had to compete everywhere! She envied Qianlong's favorite was empress Fucha.

However, empress Fucha died suddenly, but Gao Guifei did not become empress. Instead, she Shiman played Princess Xian. Before that, there were many festivals between the two people. Princess Xian was the first one to be completed after she was awarded the title of Queen. It's estimated that Gao Guifei is the first one.

Gaoguifei is similar to Huafei in Zhen Huan. The final result is very tragic. Xuanbai Ling killed herself! But the gaoguifei in history is very different!

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The historical prototype of Gao Guifei is Gao Jia, the favorite concubine of Qianlong. She is the daughter of Gao Bin, a great scholar. She has been cherished by Emperor Qianlong all her life. After her death, she was chased to be the empress of Huixian and buried in Yuling.

Historically, the relationship between Gao Guifei and the empress Fucha is very good. She is a good person. According to the poems of Emperor Qianlong and the sacrificial articles after her death, Gao is gentle and kind. She and the empress Fucha are 'friends with one heart'. She and her literary loving husband, Emperor Qianlong, also had common topics. He commented on Gao's "you da Wen Han".

The historical archetype of Gao Guifei died of a relapse. Qianlong was the first imperial concubine in the reign of Emperor Qianlong, which was different from the concubine Jin who was the first imperial concubine in the reign of Emperor Qianlong. On the new year's day of Qianlong's decade, the imperial concubine relapsed and died.