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18 yuan for a roast duck. What's behind the 18 yuan roast duck?

The roast duck is ruddy in color and crisp in taste. Now there are many roast duck shops in the streets. But the roast duck is 18 yuan all the time. In the face of such a low price, do you dare to eat it? What is the secret of the roast duck on the street?

During the reporter's private visit, we saw that there was a newly baked duck hanging in the roast duck stall of a vegetable farm, each of which was shiny with oil, and the price of 18 yuan per duck was also very close to the people.

According to the weighing results, the reporter calculated that a jin of roast duck costs about 12 yuan. Apart from the processing cost, the cost of the duck is less than 10 yuan. How can it be so cheap? What kind of duck does the business use? Is there such a low price roast duck sale in Hefei market?

Through the interview, the reporter found that the price of roast duck in Hefei is generally about 20 yuan. The price of finished roast duck is so cheap. What's the price of fresh duck? Is it as cheap as roast duck?

Live duck is more than 20 yuan a Jin. How much does it cost to sell only one jin of roast duck on the market? Then the reporter bought two portions of roast duck from the market and weighed them.

Two portions of roast duck are half loaded and one loaded respectively, the price of half loaded is 10 yuan, the price of one loaded is 22 yuan, the weight of half loaded is 0.36kg, and the weight of one loaded is 0.67kg.

After calculation, the price of the two roast ducks we bought is about 14 to 16 yuan a Jin, which is less than two-thirds of the price compared with the fresh duck meat of 20 to 25 yuan per Jin we know in the market.

The price difference between roast duck and fresh duck meat is so great. Will merchants do the loss business? What's the secret behind the low price roast duck?

In the interview, for the origin of low-cost roast duck, some merchants finally said: it is the low-cost frozen duck. A frozen duck with a weight of about 2 and a half Jin costs less than 10 yuan, and the price of each jin of roast duck is about 3 yuan.

In the frozen wholesale markets of Zhougudui and zhongcaishi in Hefei, the reporter saw that there are boxes of frozen ducks for sale, 10 in each box, at a price of about 90 yuan. The price of each frozen duck is less than 10 yuan, which is very cheap indeed.

A so-called frozen duck less than 10 yuan has surprised reporters.

But in the interview, some businessmen burst out a more shocking low price to the reporter. For the canteen to buy duck, 60 yuan a box, 20 boxes.

The reporter roughly calculated that a frozen duck less than 10 yuan is about 2 and a half Jin, each Jin is only more than 3 yuan. Is there any quality problem with such a cheap price?

The price of roast duck is low, and the price of frozen duck is even lower.

In the face of the reporter's questioning, the merchants all guarantee that duck meat is absolutely safe and can be eaten at ease. So, where do these low-cost frozen duck meat come from? Is there no problem guaranteed by the merchants? Let's see the tracking investigation on the origin of frozen duck in the previous interview.

Then the reporter visited the hairless duck and found the amazing inside story.

According to the breeders, it only takes about 30 days to raise ducks, and the ducks can be sold without their hair growing. Moreover, they never eat their own ducks. In the process of raising ducks, in order to keep up with the growth speed of ducks, they will be given medicine.

In the face of the low-cost roast duck with poor quality and the frozen duck with unknown origin, it is hard for consumers to have doubts about the so-called delicious food. Food safety issues can not be ignored, so consumers should be more vigilant when buying roast duck, and try to go to a formal place to buy as much as possible, never be greedy for cheap.