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What does cure gray fingernail slant square have? Can white vinegar treat grey nails?

Due to the influence of bad living habits, many people will easily get grey nails. Grey nails are very contagious, which will make people feel inferior and dare not have many methods to treat grey nails in their daily life. Some of them are popular with patients. Can white vinegar be used to treat grey nails?

Can white vinegar cure grey nails

Vinegar can penetrate the skin on the surface of the foot, enhance blood circulation, activate and strengthen organ functions, remove human blood garbage and pathological sediment, and cure many chronic diseases. Can white vinegar treat grey nails?

Answer: wash feet with white vinegar can treat grey nails.

Method 1: soak feet in white vinegar for half an hour every day, and then air dry naturally. It's better to use glass containers. The dosage is the most appropriate one without exceeding the foot surface, but it needs to be persisted for more than one month, and the fungus is the most acid free environment, so using vinegar to soak feet can cure beriberi or grey nails.

Method 2: white vinegar + garlic

Take at least half a kilogram of garlic, peel it and cut it with a knife, take a clean glass bottle, put the chopped garlic into the bottle, pour the prepared white vinegar into the bottle, the white vinegar should not exceed the garlic at least, then seal the bottle for at least one day, and take it out after one day.

After washing feet every night, soak the fingers or toes with grey nails in the bottle for half an hour, once in the morning and once in the evening, for at least two months.

Vinegar can soften nails and kill bacteria. Garlic can double the effect of sterilization.


1. Can be taken orally

Take terbinafine tablets, fluconazole and other drugs every day for treatment. Such drugs take a long time, and the dosage is relatively large. They can cure 80% of mycosis. They should be used according to the doctor's orders. They should not be taken randomly. Taking drugs for a long time will have side effects, and the adverse reactions brought by drugs should be checked regularly.

2. Can be removed surgically

The method is suitable for single fingernails. After anesthesia, the fingernails are pulled out, but it is very painful. If there is no finger, it will cause infection. This method is rarely used, but it is not suitable for people with heart disease and coronary heart disease.

3. External therapy

(1) You can use a nail file to thin the irregular broken nails. The time of polishing is 2 days.

(2) Use 30% glacial acetic acid for external application or 10% glacial acetic acid for blistering the diseased nail once a day, which can last for more than 3 to 6 months. Before applying the medicine, the diseased nail can be thinned, so that the medicine can be absorbed better. Before applying the medicine, the skin around the nail can be wiped with mild ointment to protect the skin.

(3) It can be applied with external antifungal drugs such as terbinafine tincture.

How to prevent grey nails

1. Prevention of infection

Avoid using public shoes, socks, towels and other sanitary wares. Do not walk barefoot in public swimming pools, bathrooms, saunas, gyms and other places.

2. Improve personal hygiene

Keep the skin dry, use talcum powder in summer, change clothes and socks frequently; avoid wearing shoes, socks and clothes that are airtight, sweat free and tight.

It can be seen that the effect of using white vinegar to treat grey nails is very good. Sticking to it for a period of time can greatly improve the condition of grey nails. You may as well try it.