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How to check whether the child is vaccinated with unqualified vaccine? What are the consequences of

In these two days, has the news been screened by the vaccine incident? For families with children, is it particularly concerned that the baby has been vaccinated from birth in a variety of ways, originally to resist the child's resistance, but the result has been exposed in such scandals, shocking. Why ignore children's statements for these black heart manufacturers? So for parents, how to judge whether their children are vaccinated with unqualified vaccine?

1. How to query whether children have been vaccinated with unqualified DPT vaccine?

Parents or guardians of children can check the vaccination record of DPT on the children's vaccination certificate, compare it with the published vaccine manufacturer and batch number, and judge whether the unqualified DPT vaccine of corresponding batch number has been inoculated. You can also consult the vaccination unit, and the vaccination unit will assist in querying the batch number of the DPT vaccine to determine whether the unqualified DPT vaccine of the corresponding batch number has been inoculated. You can also call 12320 health hotline for consultation. (source: immunization planning center of China Center for Disease Control and prevention)

I take the vaccine provided by my mother in the group as an example. The vaccine in different regions looks different. But there is always a column of "batch number" or a column of "manufacturer". You can see the manufacturer and batch number of the DPT vaccine you vaccinated here. It should be noted that when writing, Changchun Changsheng may be simply written as "Changsheng".

2. What's the harm of children inoculated with unqualified DPT vaccine?

The harm is that it may affect the immune protection effect, but it will not affect the safety.

3. What about children vaccinated with DPT vaccine whose titer index is unqualified?

At present, the government has not given a specific plan, and there is no response on whether to replant. As for the consumers who have won the bidding, they can only wait for the official announcement if they want to replant or not.

The two batches of DPT vaccine were not qualified, which may affect the immune protection effect. The national health and Family Planning Commission and the health and family planning departments of Hebei, Shandong and Chongqing are organizing experts to evaluate the situation. According to the evaluation results, corresponding measures will be taken to properly handle the situation. (source: immunization planning center of China Center for Disease Control and prevention)

3. What other vaccine products are on sale in Changchun Changsheng?

According to the 2017 annual report, Changchun Changsheng is currently selling six kinds of vaccine products, including freeze-dried live attenuated varicella vaccine, freeze-dried human rabies vaccine (Vero cell), freeze-dried live attenuated hepatitis A vaccine, split influenza virus vaccine, adsorbed cell-free pertussis combined vaccine and acyw135 group meningococcal polysaccharide vaccine. (source: Pengbai News)

4. Apart from Changchun Changsheng, is the other DPT vaccine safe in China?

In fact, in November 2017, the food and Drug Administration announced two DPT vaccine production companies, a total of more than 650000 DPT vaccines were unqualified. In addition to the 250000 vaccines of Changchun Changsheng (mainly to Shandong), the unqualified products of biological products in Wuhan are more than 400000 (batch No. 201607050-2). 190000 of them went to Chongqing and 210000 to Hebei. So if you are the mother of these two places, you also need to check your vaccine book to see if there is a trick.

5. Apart from Changchun Changsheng, which other companies have been involved in the vaccine scandal?

We made a list of companies that had been involved in the vaccine scandal. Among them, information sources refer to large media such as Xinhuanet and surging news. The companies involved include vaccine manufacturers and distribution companies.

However, it should be noted that not all of the vaccine accidents involved in the listed companies are real. For example, in late 2013, there were successive outbreaks of hepatitis B vaccine accidents. The final finding was that the accident had nothing to do with the quality of the vaccine.