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Changchun Changsheng DPT vaccine event review unqualified vaccine flow to which areas?

The vaccine incident was fermented again. After the rabies vaccine, the one that attracted much attention this time was the diphtheria vaccine injected by infants, which also affected the hearts of countless parents. So which provinces and cities are the vaccines flowing to? Let's follow the editor to understand. The reporter combed the batches of unqualified vaccines related to Chongqing, and the parents in Chongqing quickly turned over their children's vaccine books.

Recently, there have been many false events in the production records of the rabies vaccine of Changsheng biology. According to the announcement of Changsheng biology, the company has received the decision of administrative penalty from Jilin food and drug administration, because a batch of "DPT" vaccines produced by Changchun Changsheng, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Changsheng biology, do not conform to the regulations and are inferior drugs.

Vaccination against pertussis is an effective measure to prevent diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis in children. According to the national immunization program, DPT vaccine needs to be vaccinated four times, one time at the age of 3, 4, 5 and 18 months respectively.

It is reported that the batch of "DPT" vaccines were put on file for investigation last year. The reporter found that on November 4 last year, Xinhua News Agency reported that a spokesman of the State Food and Drug Administration disclosed that each batch of more than 650000 DPT vaccines produced by Changchun Changsheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Institute of Biological Products Co., Ltd. did not meet the standard. The State Food and drug administration has ordered the enterprises to find out the flow direction and required to establish That is to say, the use of unqualified products will be stopped, among which 400520 vaccines with batch number of 201607050-2 produced by Wuhan Institute of Biological Products Co., Ltd. will be sold to Chongqing Center for Disease Control and prevention.

How about the destination of these vaccines? The reporter called the person in charge of Chongqing CDC for many times and no one answered. Subsequently, the reporter called the 12331 food and Drug Administration hotline and asked about the follow-up treatment results of the 190000 vaccines last year. The other side said that the information about the vaccine announcement should be inquired by the State Food and drug administration. Please pay attention to the information released by the relevant state departments in a timely manner.

So how to determine whether your child has been vaccinated against a non-conforming vaccine? According to the immunization planning center of China Center for Disease Control and prevention, parents or guardians of children can check the vaccination record of DPT in the vaccine book, compare it with the published vaccine manufacturers and batch numbers, judge whether they have been vaccinated against a non-conforming DPT vaccine of the corresponding batch number, or consult the vaccination center Units, assisted by the vaccination unit to query the batch number of DPT vaccination, determine whether the unqualified DPT vaccine of the corresponding batch number has been inoculated, or call 12320 health hotline for consultation. However, the reporter called 12320 health hotline for many times, all of which indicated "busy seats".

The information of vaccination record is not the same in different vaccination units. According to the reporter's investigation, there is a column of "vaccination record" in the vaccine book presented by parents, which is respectively marked with the signature of vaccine and dose, vaccination date, vaccination position, vaccine batch number, manufacturer, vaccination unit and doctor. However, some of the vaccines presented by parents are not marked with the manufacturer or vaccination position. In the information filling, some vaccination hospitals fill in the information completely, while some community hospitals, except for the date and unit, doctor's signature, vaccine batch number and production enterprise are not filled in. Parents are reminded that when taking their children to vaccinate, they must ask the relevant personnel to fill in the information completely for the convenience of inquiry.

For the situation that the batch number and vaccine manufacturer are not indicated in the vaccine book, 12331 staff members said that parents can also provide vaccination records to report to them.