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What's the difference between artificial eggs and real eggs? How to identify artificial eggs?

With the continuous development of science and technology, even eggs can be made, but the nutritional value is greatly reduced. What's the difference between artificial eggs and real eggs? To distinguish them, first of all, let's have a clear understanding of the concept of artificial eggs:

Artificial eggs (beyond eggs): mainly composed of proteins extracted from legumes, including soybeans, made from plants.

But there are some hidden dangers in the artificial eggs. Compared with real eggs, artificial eggs contain more chemicals, among which alum and gelatin are the main components. The main components of artificial egg and real egg shell are calcium carbonate, but artificial egg also contains a small amount of gypsum. Its egg white is mainly composed of resin, starch, coagulant, pigment and other chemical substances. The egg yolk is made of pigment and resin. Eating these substances for a long time is not good for human health.

How to distinguish artificial eggs from real eggs:

1、 Observation method:

Observe the color of the shell, the color of the real egg is relatively dark, and the artificial egg is more bright. Look after the eggs under strong light. Check whether there are pores on the shell. There are pores in the real eggs. You can also observe whether there is a film in the inner shell of an egg. A real egg has this film. In addition, the egg white of artificial eggs is not thick enough compared with real eggs.

2. Shake the eggs and smell:

Shake the egg, the artificial egg shakes will have the sound, because in the shaking process will have the moisture outflow from the coagulant. The water, white and yolk of real eggs are mixed together, there is no sound when shaking, and the smell of real eggs has a fishy smell.

3. Open the egg and observe the yolk:

Soon after the artificial egg is opened, the yolk and the egg white will fuse together, because the yolk and the egg white are made of the same material. When you fry an egg, the yolk will disperse automatically. Because the film covered with artificial yolk will crack when heated. And cooked artificial eggs, the yolk color is lighter, its texture is like protein.

4. Price:

Generally speaking, the cost of artificial eggs is much lower than that of real eggs. Therefore, when selecting eggs, when the price is extremely low, we need to pay more attention to them. It makes sense to share the price and the goods.