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What kind of blind date is the North King car? What is the phase of Wang Beiche's blind date program

Wang Bei Che is popular in the style of ruffle. It is a combination of reprinted articles and Zhang Yishan. It has been surging in recent years. But Wang Bei has participated in blind dates. Let's have a look.

It is reported that Wang Beiche's blind date program is called "big city and little love". It is a TV entertainment program focusing on marriage and love. Through the exchange of spicy topics, male and female guests attract each other and choose to become lovers.

Which phase of Beiche of big city and small aiwang

It is reported that Wang Beiche participated in the first issue of "big city, little love" in January 2017. Can't think of it? Your husband was turned down on the dating show. Wang Beiche's real name is Wang Zhaodong. He once participated in a large-scale dating entertainment program called "big city, small love". Wang Beiche's personal information in the program has also been exposed, with a height of 175cm, singing in the professional bar, and Wang Beiche's mate selection standard is also open. In the program, Wang Beiche showed his heart to a 23-year-old music assistant girl whose height was 162, and sang a song specially for him, but she finally refused.

Wang Beiche, born in Harbin on March 20, 1995, graduated from Harbin Normal University. According to netizens, Wang Beiche is still a high-value school bully. For Wang Beiche's appearance, many netizens feel that his brother's side face is very similar to the article, and when he smiles, he has a sense of both seeing and seeing, which is deeply sought after by fans.