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The right way to eat mangosteen the effect and function of mangosteen

Mangosteen pulp is white, soft and tender, sweet and sour, sweet and delicious, with high nutritional value, so it is called "fruit Queen". Now in the supermarket, is the colorful bamboo really appetizing? So how to eat the best bamboo? What's the advantage of eating mangosteen?

How to eat mangosteen?

1. Clean the bamboo surface with clear water;

2. Remove the large leaves from the base of the mangosteen;

3. Hold the mangosteen in both hands, and squeeze the mangosteen slowly at the same time. The mangosteen will crack;

4. Break it off with a little force along the crack to take out the white pulp.

Method II of bamboo shelling

1. Clean the mangosteen;

2. Put the mangosteen in the palm of your hand. Press the mangosteen with your fingers until cracks appear;

3. Break open the mangosteen along the crack and pick out the pulp with toothpick.

What's the advantage of eating mangosteen?

Supplementary nutrition

Mangosteen is rich in nutrition, and its pulp is rich in sugar, vitamin, dietary fiber, protein, fat, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and other trace elements, which can provide the body with the necessary nutrition and have a good nourishing effect on the body.

Clearing away heat and reducing fire

Because of its cold nature, mangosteen has the functions of clearing away heat and reducing fire, promoting body fluid to quench thirst, moistening dryness and relieving fatigue. It can quickly relieve the dryness and heat brought by eating durian. Therefore, mangosteen and durian are regarded as "husband and wife fruit". After eating durian, you don't need to worry about getting angry.

Skin care

Mangosteen contains a lot of tannic acid, which can dispel acne, acne, etc., accelerate skin wound healing, make skin delicate and shiny. In addition, vitamin C in mangosteen can also play a role in whitening and lightening spots, and resisting skin aging.

Lose weight and lose weight

Bamboo contains a lot of dietary fiber, which can stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis, absorb water, expand and promote the excretion of harmful metabolites, effectively prevent obesity caused by constipation.


Mangosteen contains a compound called oxyxanthone, which has strong antioxidant effect, can remove harmful free radicals, enhance cell elasticity, prevent wrinkles and keep skin young.

Promoting appetite

Mangosteen is rich in a variety of nutrients. The flesh is fragrant, sweet and slightly sour. It has a good appetizing and digestive function.

Eating taboo of mangosteen

1. People with cold bamboo, deficiency of spleen and stomach and cold body should eat less;

2. Mangosteen has a high sugar content, which is not suitable for diabetics;

3. Mangosteen is rich in dietary fiber, moderate consumption can prevent constipation, but if excessive consumption will cause constipation, so daily consumption of mangosteen should not exceed 3.

4. The content of potassium in mangosteen is high, and the patients with nephropathy and heart disease should eat less;

5. Mangosteen should avoid eating with other cold food, which will affect the function of spleen and stomach, and may cause diarrhea and gastrointestinal discomfort.