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Why do girls snore when they sleep? Recommended sleeping and snoring prescription for girls

In fact, sleeping and snoring is not a special right of men. Many girls also snore when they sleep, which leads to their inner inferiority. Why do girls snore when they sleep? Why do girls snore when they sleep?

Why women snore

After falling asleep, some women snore. Although the 'Party' doesn't know it, it affects other people's sleep quality. What are the reasons for women's snoring?

1. After people fall asleep, if they don't breathe by nose, but by mouth, they will snore.

2. Some people fall asleep, the whole body muscles are in a state of high relaxation, the 'little tongue' in the mouth will be involuntarily dropped below, blocking the respiratory tract, thus affecting the normal in and out of the air, the breathing air flow 'when encountering the' little tongue 'will produce a snoring sound, that is, the medical uvula will vibrate.

3. It is also easy to snore if the sleeping posture is not right. Generally, the body and legs are slightly arched, and it's better to sleep right.

4. The pillow is too high or too low (the preferred height is 10cm), which compresses the throat cavity to a certain extent, thus blocking the airway, resulting in snoring.

5. Obese people are more likely to snore.

The harm of women 's sleeping and snoring

Snoring is an abnormal phenomenon. It is not the most people think that snoring is sleeping fragrance. The harm of women's snoring is as follows:

1. Snoring can cause repeated pauses of breath during sleep.

2. The pause of breath will cause serious hypoxia of brain and blood, which is easy to cause anoxia, so if you sleep and snore, adjust it as soon as possible.

3. Hypooxia can induce angina, arrhythmia, myocardial infarction, hypertension and other diseases.

4. If the time of stopping breathing is more than 2 minutes, sudden death will happen easily.

Treatment of snoring

Through the above understanding, we know that snoring is a serious threat to our life and health. So how should we deal with the situation of snoring in our daily life? The following partial treatment of snoring is expected to help you:

Recipe 1: choose the right pillow

Choose soft and hard pillows, and pillows should not be too high, which is conducive to breathing.

Recipe 2: bite scallion

Before going to bed every day, you should bite up a piece of fresh green onion and swallow it for a week. If it works, you should continue to stick to it. Special attention should be paid to the fact that you can't bite the scallion too much. You should decide the specific amount according to your own situation.