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How to give first aid to heatstroke in summer? Can you drink a lot of water after heatstroke?

In summer, for many people who work outdoors, if they continue to work under high temperature, they are likely to suffer heatstroke. Heatstroke is a group of clinical symptoms due to the disorder of body temperature regulation caused by long-term exposure to high temperature or airtight environment. So how to give first aid after heatstroke? What are the symptoms before heatstroke?

Heat stroke precursor

Headache, eyesight, tinnitus, dizziness, thirst, palpitation, normal or slightly increased body temperature in high temperature environment

Initial heat stroke

A lot of sweating, thirst, obvious fatigue, limb weakness, dizziness, chest tightness, nausea, inattention, limb numbness, etc., with normal or slightly higher body temperature.

Mild heat stroke

When the body temperature is above 38 ℃, the complexion becomes pale, sweating, cold and wet skin, blood pressure drops and pulse increases.

Severe heatstroke

Also known as heat failure, it is characterized by cool skin, excessive sweating, nausea and vomiting, dilated pupils, massive sweating, wet and cold skin, temperature rise above 38 ℃, blood pressure drop, pulse acceleration, abdominal or limb spasm, often accompanied by fainting, coma, high fever and even loss of consciousness.

First aid for heatstroke

Measures to deal with general heatstroke: cool down the patient. The patient should be moved to a cool place as soon as possible. Use a cool wet towel to cover the forehead and trunk, or use a large wet towel sheet to wrap the patient. Use an electric fan, a cool hair dryer or your hand fan to cool it down. Note: do not rub the body with alcohol, do not let it eat or drink water.

Have the patient lie down or sit down and raise the head.

Cool down, use a cool wet towel to cover the forehead and trunk, or use a large wet towel, wet bedspread, etc. to wrap the patient. Use an electric fan, a cool hair dryer or hand fan to cool it. Be careful not to rub the patient's body with alcohol.

Let the patient with clear mind drink cool drinks. If the patient has no difficulty in breathing and swallowing, let him drink salt water (0.9g salt per 100ml). Note: do not drink or coffee.

If the patient has been unconscious, use the thumb to press the patient's points such as Zhonghe and Hegu. If the patient's condition does not improve, he should be sent to the hospital for first aid.

Taboo after heatstroke

Excessive drinking

After heatstroke, a large amount of water and salt must be added, but excessive drinking of hot water will cause more sweating and dripping, on the contrary, further loss of water and salt in the body, and in serious cases, it will cause ventilation. This is not worth the loss. The correct way is to drink a small amount of water several times, and the amount of water should not exceed 300 ml each time.


Can't eat greasy and laborious food, too much food will increase the burden of digestive system, make a lot of blood stay in the gastrointestinal tract, and the blood delivered to the brain will be relatively reduced, and the nutrients can't be fully absorbed, so we should try to eat some light and refreshing things to adapt to the digestive capacity in summer.

Partial chilli

In summer, the Yang floats outside and the Yin liquid is insufficient, while the hot and spicy food will only help heat but Yang, and it also makes your beautiful skin pop out several pimples. Therefore, it is better to eat less than not.

Cold food hurts

When the body is thirsty, cold drinks and melon and fruit food are very popular. Unfortunately, if you don't eat more cold food after heatstroke, it will damage your spleen yang.