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What do you mean by cue? What is the origin of cue?

'cue' is a common Internet buzzword. I believe many little friends don't know what 'cue' means and what 'cue' is. Let's learn the latest vocabulary together with Xiaobian.

As a network language, this word is an English word, which means to prompt, to give someone... Hint, clue. It is often used in variety shows. The usage is usually to be cued suddenly, who is cued and who is cued. Its meaning is generally to ask the other party to answer the conversation and perform the transition.

The usage of the word "cue" has evolved directly from the meaning and usage of the English word "cue". As for its popularity as a network language, it completely depends on the popularity of variety shows in recent years, so that some words with higher frequency appear in the original program, which are spread by everyone as a network stem.

After the word became popular, it was often used as a dinner circle term. In addition, as a daily network language, it means called.

Moreover, Taiwanese often say that, for example, the common expression of cue is the term used by the host to designate a guest to speak or to allude to the audience when they are present when recording a program.

In the guide voice, you can hear the word in the headset, which also means to remind the host or the field staff to pay attention to the next key picture or theme, so it is not necessarily used in the human aspect.

However, most people also use the word cue, which is often used when chatting with friends. Sometimes, it means "take your seat by yourself". For example, a insinuate that B is a guy who steals food and doesn't clean his mouth. B can say "what's wrong with me if you have nothing to do!". The common usage of "implied" or "designated" items is often mentioned in life.