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After the girl is suspected of being touched in Disney, the two sides reconcile with the parents of

On July 14, several female tourists quarreled and clashed with each other in Shanghai Disneyland. A woman in black smashed a long haired woman with a hat several times and kept abusing her. This event has attracted the attention of the whole people. So what's going on? Let's get to know.

According to netizens, the little boy met the buttocks of a woman with long hair. After the woman said a few words, the boy's mother was furious on the spot. According to the official microblog of the Public Security Department of the international tourism resort of Shanghai Pudong Public Security Bureau, the 8-year-old child of tourist Ding had a physical contact with tourist Cai because of the crowd at the scene when he finished watching the performance, which resulted in a quarrel and a physical conflict between the two sides, with slight bruises on both sides. After mediation, both parties reached an understanding that Ding should compensate CAI for 1000 yuan.

Earlier reports

Recently, it was reported that a fierce mother beat a little sister at the gate of fandiego theatre in Shanghai Disneyland last weekend. According to witnesses, the cause of the incident is that an 8-year-old boy may accidentally encounter the sensitive part of the little sister in the process of walking. The little sister said a few words about the little boy. As a result, the little boy's mother immediately stormed out, saying that the little sister attacked her son with words and began to beat and scold the little sister.

In the live video sent by the witness, along with the woman in black who attacked, there was also a woman in a white coat (referred to as the woman in white for short) and a woman in a white cap. At the beginning of the video, I heard the scream of the woman in white. The woman in black picked up the hat on the ground and beat her sister on the head without saying anything. After being pulled by the girl in white, she said to a girl who was on the phone next to her: 'I'll do it, it's none of your business!' and then she turned to scold her little sister with her fingers. Her words were sharp. After scolding, she did not get rid of her anger. She took up her hat and beat it heavily on the head of the young lady. The little sister couldn't dodge. She staggered back a few steps, while the girl in white put her waist in to watch, but the two little girls next to her stretched out their hands and pulled the girl in black back. After the fight, the woman in black retreated to the back. At this time, the woman in white stood out. Instead of talking about their own beating, she accused her sister: "Hello, Hello, Hello, hello." she said that while pointing her fingers at her sister's face, she even started to push her sister.

At this time, Disney staff rushed to the scene, the little sister cried that they three started to hit people. At this time, the woman in white and the woman in black immediately came up to explain: she said an 8-year-old child touched her ass. After that, when the staff evacuated the crowd, the woman in white still couldn't help swearing at her little sister: "you have delusion, you look like x, and you touch your ass!" the witness said, at last both sides were taken away by the staff of Shanghai Disney.

With the spread of video, this incident has aroused hot discussion on the Internet. Some netizens said that this kind of parents will suffer losses sooner or later, and will die in the face of stubble. Before, a mother with a child in Beijing, because of a quarrel with a man, her own child was killed alive.

Some netizens also think that whether it's intentional or not, it's OK to apologize first. However, he can't look down on the children now. He has seen several children about 10 years old peeping through the window outside the women's changing room of the swimming pool.

As a mother protecting her children so much, the so-called upper beam is not right and the lower beam is crooked. The children will follow the example of their parents' behaviors. If they really break the law and are punished, the parents will regret it. The bear child deliberately kicked the passengers on the bus, but was beaten and kicked by the passengers, causing the child to be seriously injured and admitted to the hospital. The bear child's parents do not have a good education, and someone will come to help you manage it one day Teach bear children.