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What's the matter with the woman suddenly biting the passenger? Weird behavior, real-life version of

A woman on Chongqing Light Rail suddenly takes off her clothes and licks the blood. This is a real-life Busan trip, so why do women bite on the light rail? What's the stimulation? Let's get to know.

At about 13 o'clock on July 18, Li Mou (female, 36 years old), a native of Quxian County, Sichuan Province, lost control of her emotions due to emotional problems with her husband and bit Gao Mou (male, 56 years old), a passenger, on the 03050 train of rail transit line 3. Upon discovery of this emergency, the rail transit staff shall immediately evacuate passengers in Jinzhu station according to the emergency plan and report to relevant departments. Li was quickly controlled and handed over to the rail transit branch, Gao was quickly sent to the hospital by 120 ambulance. At present, the police are investigating the incident further.

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Chongbao mobile media on July 18 a woman on Chongqing Light Rail Line 3 suddenly bit a male passenger nearby. After the male passenger escaped, the woman stripped off her clothes on the light rail and was then subdued by platform staff.

According to the video shot by the witness, the male passenger was bitten by the woman and screamed bitterly, then hit the woman's head with his mobile phone, trying to get rid of the woman desperately, and the passengers on the side were too scared to move forward. After being bitten by the male passengers to escape, the woman suddenly took off her clothes on the light rail, and finally all took off.

On the afternoon of 18th, the reporter immediately contacted the staff of Chongqing rail transit. The staff member said that the driver of the train handled the operation of getting on and off passengers at Jinzhu station. After closing the door, he found that the passengers who had just got off the platform were running and shouting and biting! The driver found that the situation was wrong, and immediately opened the door. At this time, the staff of the station was running towards the No.6 carriage. The driver immediately checked the passenger information display screen and found that a female passenger in car 6 was in a very abnormal state of mind, so he immediately reported the situation.

At present, the woman has been under police control, suspected of mental illness. The incident is under further investigation.