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How much electricity does the air conditioner consume in a night? How much is the best opening of th

air conditioning is an electrical appliance that is used in many people's homes. Especially in hot summer, many people sleep with the air conditioner on at night. How much more electricity does the air conditioner need for one night? Is it true that the air conditioner is as low as one degree of electricity? This is just an ideal state, which is absolutely nonexistent in real life.

Is it bullshit to use air conditioner one night and one kilowatt hour

On June 22, Dong Mingzhu, chairman and President of Gree Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., visited the theme activity of "innovation road & craftsman's heart" series on, and talked about the problem of beauty with his old rival. Dong Mingzhu met the advertisement of beauty directly at the scene, saying "believe that the advertisement of air conditioning once a night's electricity will be cheated".

'more than one kilowatt hour, even ten kilowatt hour or more in a night. Under what specific conditions can one kilowatt hour be used? When the outside temperature is almost the same as the inside temperature, you can use one kilowatt hour when you don't need it, so I think if an enterprise wants to win the respect of the market for you, first of all, you must treat others sincerely'.

When directly criticizing the old competitors, Dong Mingzhu said, "it should be more about facing the reality, respecting the reality, and telling the truth is the principle and nature of an enterprise.".

Dong Mingzhu's statement in public is obviously for some purpose. Recently, Gree sued Beijing TianAng Weiye Trading Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Midea refrigeration equipment Co., Ltd. for a claim of RMB 50 million for infringement of Gree's utility model patent for air conditioner indoor unit.

How much power does the air conditioner need in one night

It depends on how many air conditioners you have.

At present, the cooling capacity of the air conditioner of 1 HP machine on the market is about 2500W. But in the air conditioning industry, air conditioners with a cooling capacity of 2300 to 2700W can be called 1Pi machines. 2000 to 2300W is called the smaller one; 2700 to 2900W is called the larger one.

The power consumption of air conditioner can be found on the nameplate. Generally, the input power of 1000 watts means that the air conditioner consumes 1 kwh per hour, 1 kwh = 1 kwh. If the input power is 1400W, the power consumption per hour is 1.4kwh.

Therefore, if you turn on the air conditioner for one night, at least for about 10 hours, the air conditioner with the minimum power needs 10 degrees of electricity at least at one night. It is suggested that you turn it down as soon as you can, and support the environmental protection and low-carbon life. Moreover, the air conditioner is prone to air conditioning disease after blowing for a long time.

How much is the air conditioner suitable for sleeping in summer

In summer, it's OK to turn on the air conditioner at night, but pay attention to it;

The most suitable air conditioning temperature for human body is 24 ℃ - 27 ℃, and the lowest temperature should not be lower than 22 ℃. The indoor and outdoor temperature difference should not be more than 5 ℃, and the night air conditioning should not be less than 24 ℃. If the air conditioner is turned on too much and the indoor temperature is too low, it is easy to suffer from 'air conditioning disease'. There are colds, coughs, fevers, low spirits and so on! The best thing is to set the air conditioner regularly, generally it will not be hot in the second half of the night.