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What are the common mistakes of depilation in summer? How is depilation the cleanest?

Every summer, for many girls who love beauty, in order to put on their favorite shorts or sexy clothes, will they clean their hair in advance? But sometimes it backfires, do you know why? What are the common mistakes of summer hair removal?

There are always red spots after depilation

Error reason: no exfoliation before depilation

No matter what kind of depilation method is used, the dead skin should be removed 24 hours before depilation to avoid the red spot caused by the new hair blocking under the skin.

There are always small black spots left in depilation

Error cause: depilation in the morning

Some people are used to depilating in the morning, but the effect is not ideal at this time. When people sleep, their legs are slightly swollen, which hides part of their hair. In the morning, the hair doesn't 'wake up'. So, in the evening when depilation, can shave more thoroughly.

New hair grows thicker and harder

Error cause: hair removal frequency is too dense

If you are used to wax depilation, there should be a gap of three to four weeks between the two depilations, so that the new hair grows out and there is enough length for wax to grasp. The bikini and leg hairs need to grow to about 6 mm to be depilated.

Razors always scratch the skin

Cause of error: the razor blade has been used many times without using lubricating paste to depilate with the razor

Many people put the shaver in the bathroom for days, weeks or even months and reuse it. However, if you want to shave your hair, it's best to use a new blade, because it's closer to your skin and can prevent red pimples after depilation. Buy a batch of disposable blades, and discard each blade after using up to four times. The grease not only prevents the skin from being irritated by the razor blade, but also removes an extra half millimeter of hair. Apply grease on the depilated area to make the hair stand upright and depilate more effectively.

Still feel good pain after depilation

Cause of error: depilation during regular leave

Due to the change of hormones and the increase of blood flow, every external stimulus will be magnified during and before the holidays. Therefore, you will feel pain when you perform wax depilation or use depilator at this time. Therefore, the best time for depilation is ovulation.

The pores of skin become larger and dry easily

Wrong reason: not even apply skin care cream

After hair removal, it is necessary to replenish moisture for dry skin in a timely manner. First rinse with warm water, then smear with soft skin water with a compact effect without fragrance ingredients. Apply a thin layer of refreshing lotion to a small amount.

Easier tanning after depilation

Wrong cause: depilation when skin is frail

If you usually use retinoic acid to protect your skin, it is best to stop applying retinoic acid one week before the wax depilation. Although retinoic acid can prevent skin from aging, it also makes skin brittle, so when using wax to remove hair, the skin layer will be pulled out together with the hair. After the sun exposure, the skin should not be depilated when it is stimulated.