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What is the status quo of rice circle? Fans break their hearts for Adu but ignore themselves

Recently, a group of pictures of "current situation of rice circle" suddenly became popular, and aroused hot discussion among netizens. Because the content in this group of pictures is so vivid, what's the reason for the current situation of rice circle? Let's see the origin and meaning of the current situation of rice circle. Let's get to know.

What is the status quo of rice circle

What's the purpose of saving food, drinking and tightening the belt? For the house? For the car? But for the star chasing girls, it's not for these material things. What they do is love beans of their own family. Even if there is only more than 3000 salary in a month, we have to use 2000 to raise our own geese. I can be hungry, but I can't let my baby have no money to spend. The current situation of rice circle, illustrated by the following screenshots, is the most vivid.

Even if it's the life of a servant girl, who is paid by the servant girl, but he doesn't feel that his salary is poor. On the contrary, I feel that the owner of my family (in the circle of rice, it's my love bean) is pitiful, because they are too hard to perform everywhere, perform everywhere, and make announcements. If they don't support them, they will have no money, no money, no data, no flow, no good resources. And how can I let my master suffer from the numbness of being a baby?

These screenshots show that the current situation of the rice circle is too vivid. Isn't that what the current star chasing girls are like? It's clear that their life is not satisfactory. They do hard work, get a small salary and work hard every day, but don't feel that they are hard. Because once I think about it, these meager money is for my family's love beans and for my family's love beans to buy data, I feel so happy.

Moreover, no matter how hard I work, I think it's my family's love beans that work harder, and I love their babies every day. My body is weak and my heart aches. Be scolded by other family, heartache. Sweating on stage, heartache. The best thing is to be able to provide them with everything they need to do. It's best to put on clothes and eat every day!

Anyway, in fact, the current situation of rice circle is a little abnormal. Today's star chasing, unlike before, with a like heart is enough. Aidou needs money everywhere. It needs money to buy aid for Aidou. It needs money to buy gift for Aidou. It needs money to spell data for Aidou. Now it's not star chasing. It's really raising a son!