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How to protect your car from sun in summer? What are the sun protection techniques for cars in summe

Summer has come, people have turned on the sun protection mode, for the car owners, is it necessary to start to protect the car from sun? Then how to protect the car from sun in summer? What are the car sun protection skills? Let's get to know.

How to protect your car from sun

1. Interior curtain

Car sunshade is also a good choice for sun protection. The installation of car curtains is very simple, as long as a chute is installed on the top and bottom of the window, and then the curtain is installed in the middle, use it by hand. There is also a kind of instant curtain, which is absorbed on the window by static electricity or suction cup. But it's better not to pull up the front row of side curtains when driving, in order to prevent blocking the line of sight.

The interior curtains will be equipped in some high-end cars, but generally we drive cars with sunscreen at most. Here we suggest that you can go directly to the car store or the Internet to buy if you need, which is very safe and convenient, and the sun protection effect in summer is also good.

2. Use sun protection car clothes

The sun proof car clothes are suitable for the sun protection when parking for a long time. They can not only effectively block the sunlight from entering the car, but also prevent dust. In this way, when you need to drive, you just need to uncover it and put it in the trunk. However, some car owners may find this car suit troublesome to use, so there are other tricks below.

3. Stop with your back to the sun

The direction in which the vehicle is parked can also affect the temperature in the vehicle. When parking, it's better to turn the rear of the car toward the direction of sunlight. First, the rear window is generally covered with a film, which can filter certain heat. Second, the rear window glass is generally smaller than the front windshield, and also can reduce the heat entering the car.

4. Film to protect your car

It is the simplest and most direct way to solve the problem of car sun protection to stick the explosion-proof film on the car, and it is also a more common way. It can effectively block the sun's heat, reduce the air conditioning load, improve the fuel efficiency, relieve the engine load, prevent the fading and aging of the car's objects, and protect the car owner's skin from harmful ultraviolet rays.

At present, the ultraviolet barrier rate of sunscreen insulation film on the market can reach 90% - 100%, and the infrared barrier rate is generally about 30% - 95%. Fake and shoddy car films can't reach these targets, so consumers can distinguish them by personal experience.

Just after the film is pasted, the owner should pay attention to not lifting the window or washing the car with water within 3 days, so as to avoid falling off due to the wet. The general explosion-proof film can be used for 5 to 6 years.