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How to restore vision? These little ways give you the answers

Nowadays, people's work and study are inseparable from computers. In daily life, no matter they are in contact with others or in leisure and entertainment, they are inseparable from mobile phones. Computers and mobile phones occupy a very important position in people's life. However, both of them do great harm to vision. Many people have to wear glasses. Today's news editor will talk about it Here are some tips on how to restore your vision.

First of all, we should know that when we look at an object at a static distance, the lens will thicken. If we look at an object at a long static distance, the lens will lose its elasticity and maintain the thickness when we look at an object at a close distance. In this way, when we look at an object at a long distance, the lens cannot become thinner and the line of sight will become blurred. This is what we usually do Said nearsightedness, the eye nearsightedness must wear the glasses to be able to see clearly the distant object.

Is once the eye myopia eyesight cannot restore? Of course not. At the beginning of myopia, there is a period of pseudomyopia. In this period, if you exercise your eyes in the right way, you can recover your eyesight. For example, when using a computer for a long time, you can set an alarm clock to remind yourself to go out and look at the distance once every half an hour, and massage the eyes at the same time to relieve eye fatigue. Can also wash the face regularly, can wash off the eye radiation.

Seeing more green objects is also very effective for vision restoration. You can buy some plants with green leaves at home to put them on. If you have conditions, you can go to a picnic in the countryside once a week to let your eyes see more natural green scenes. If it's a girl, you can use some anti radiation cleanser. In terms of diet, such as pig liver, carrot and cassia seed are very effective for the recovery of vision. You can eat more carrot to fry pig liver and drink more cassia seed water.