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Is Lu Yunfei, the poison hunter, dead? Uncle Lu Yunfei seems to be pretending to be dead

Recently, "drug Hunter" is on the air. Is LV Yunfei really dead? It has become a hot topic among netizens! Is LV Yunfei dead in the play? In fact, LV Yunfei is not dead. One of them is the role player uncle Bo, who accidentally said that it was "feigning death". And Lu Yunfei's feigning death also makes the plot to reappear the climax!

Is LV Yunfei, the poison hunter, really dead

In the hit show of drug hunter, did Wu Xiubo lead the boxed meal so quickly? In fact, Lu Yunfei, played by Wu Xiubo, is not likely to die. Among them, many netizens think that the most likely scenario is that LV Yunfei is pretending to die. First of all, LV Yunfei's body has not been found, and there must be a routine behind this in the domestic drama "dead without body". Soon after the show started, it left many fans!

The possibility of killing LV Yunfei, a poison Hunter

Apart from Lu Yunfei's death, the plot he mailed to his brother before also contains mysterious information. Among them, the postal code on the express bill number is likely to be two kinds of passwords. Secondly, Zhao Yi deliberately approached LV Yunpeng's purpose, and it is likely that he was LV Yunfei's man. What's more, Zhao Yi used to be a policeman! So from the current plot, LV Yunfei thinks that his feigning death is a seamless plan.