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How to report the loss of a bank card by forgetting the card number? What should I do if I lose my b

If the bank card is lost, in order to report the loss and stop payment in time, prevent the fund from being stolen, and not affect the daily fund transaction activities, it is often necessary to supplement the card. However, when reporting the loss or making up the card, what should I do if I don't know the card number? How can I report the loss if I don't know the card number when I lose my bank card?

First, how to report the loss and stop payment by customer service phone. It is the most convenient and quick way to report the loss of a bank card by phone in an emergency. Telephone loss reporting can be divided into self-service loss reporting and manual service loss reporting. The self-service report of loss must input the complete card number, obviously not, only the manual service. The account manager will ask for your name, card number, ID card number, deposit balance and telephone number reserved at that time. When you can't say the complete card number or forget the card number at all, confirm it mainly according to the other four elements, and make a loss reporting and stop payment processing, which is the case where you only have one card. If there are more than one bank card, you should confirm which card you lost according to the customer service prompt, combined with the opening time, the opening bank and other situations.

Self service loss reporting can also be handled through online banking and mobile banking, and then the counter card. For example, report the loss of mobile banking, click the app to enter my account, select the icon in the upper right corner, and there are many extended functions. One of them is to report the loss of debit card. All your bank cards will be listed in the interface. Select the lost card and enter the password to complete the loss reporting procedure, which is very convenient.

Report the loss at the counter and make up the card at the same time. Many banks have opened the card replacement business at the time of reporting the loss. It's very troublesome not to report the loss first and then replace the card in a few days as before. There are two procedures, one is to report the loss, the other is to make up the card. Of course, if you don't know the card number, the teller will find out all the bank accounts under your name according to your ID card and select them for you to confirm. In addition to the above five elements, combined with the card opening time and place (as can be seen from the card number), you should easily find the card you need to report the loss. Of course, you need to go through the written loss reporting procedures first, and then go through the card replacement procedures. There are many procedures, which are quite time-consuming.

Recommend another way to report the loss and make up the card, do not need to fill in any formalities, and make up the card directly. This is the super counter service launched by many big banks. This kind of machine is arranged in the hall and can be operated independently by the lobby manager alone. After reading the ID card, the machine interface will immediately display all your account information. You only need to click to confirm to handle the loss reporting and card replacement procedures at the same time. In a few minutes, you will have your own new card, and you do not need to fill in the information, just take photos and sign, which is very convenient and fast.

Special note: after the loss is reported by phone or counter, your account will immediately be in the stop payment protection state, that is, the fund can only be entered, and can not be withdrawn, even if you find the old card, unless you go through the procedures of hang up again. When someone steals, ATM will show invalid card.